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E3 2011: Rage Impressions (X360)

By Liana Kerzner ()

Rage was, well, the rage, at last year's E3. This year, it was one of the few fully playable demos in the Bethesda booth. It's the first year in a while that there hasn't been something Fallout-related present, but the similarities to Rage's sister shooter are impossible to ignore. Read More.

E3 2011: The Cursed Crusade Preview (PC)

By Nicholas Bale ()

At Atlus' booth, I was given the opportunity to play their new action-adventure combat game, Cursed Crusade. In this title, you play Denz and Esteban, two crusaders in the middle ages, two crusaders cursed to die, unless they can find a way to stop it. Read More.

E3 2011: Saints Row The Third Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

One of the sometimes frustrating aspects of covering games in today's day and age is how seriously the industry takes itself in the never-ending struggle for utmost realism. Fortunately, some developers, such as Volition, have taken modern physics and graphics tech, and applied them to an out and out Bugs Bunny cartoon set in a huge open world. Read More.

E3 2011: Catherine Preview (PS3)

By Nicholas Bale ()

Sitting down with Atlus in a quiet room gave me the chance to check out Catherine, the action/adventure puzzle title that you could call 'odd' the same way you could call the sun 'mildly warm'. Describing it isn't exactly an easy task, so here's my shot: Read More.

E3 2011: The Witcher 2 Preview (X360)

By Nicholas Bale ()

The Witcher 2, (or Wiedzmin 2, for the Polish-speakers out there), is an excellent RPG that came out on May 17th of this year. A self-proclaimed "hardcore RPG", a title it deserved, it's full of choices, character depth, huge areas, numerous quests, and an impressively high difficulty. Read More.

E3 2011: Dark Souls Preview (PS3)

By Nicholas Bale ()

In a small booth, I got to see the sequel to one of the most enjoyable action-RPGs of two years ago – Demon's Souls. Announced a little while ago, Dark Souls continues the tradition and style of the first, placing the player in constant peril with little hope of escaping alive – but making it feel so much better when you do. Read More.

E3 2011: Torchlight II Preview (PC)

By Nicholas Bale ()

The first Torchlight came out at the beginning of last year, a fairly unexpected title full of good art, simple but fun gameplay, and loot. It was your basic dungeon crawler formula, polished to a bright sheen. Its biggest flaw, however, was the lack of multiplayer, instead forcing people to play through adventures on their own. Read More.

E3 2011: Gears of War 3 Preview (X360)

By Liana Kerzner ()

It's first thing in the morning at day 2 of E3, and Cliff Bleszinski is hung over. There is none of his usual swagger, bombast, or shrewd industry analysis. Instead, what we're greeted with is a weary pride that his team's populist gaming masterpiece is nearing completion. Read More.

E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 Preview (X360)

By Liana Kerzner ()

Led by Executive Producer Casey Hudson, we packed into a small room tighter than servicemen on a submarine to get a glimpse at one of the hottest draws at E3, Mass Effect 3. As the demo opens, the Reapers have invaded the Earth, and there's something skin-crawlingly sinister about the ships descending on the planet -- they look like giant robotic versions of the thing that crawled in Chekov's ear in Wrath of Khan. Read More.

E3 2011: Dead Island Impressions (PC)

By Liana Kerzner ()

That Dead Island is unlike anything most gamers will have ever encountered is undeniable. What is to be determined is if that's a good thing. It looks like Left 4 Dead in the tropics. So you are instantly, instinctually driven to play it like Left 4 Dead in the tropics. Read More.

E3 2011: Crusader Kings II Preview (PC)

By Nicholas Bale ()

From the masters of strategy comes the sequel to the 2004 strategy title, Crusader Kings. I was given the chance to take a look at Crusader Kings II at Paradox's booth, checking out what it's like to be a ruler in the medieval ages, accumulating power, plotting, inheriting, and in general seeing how far you can get in the world of medieval politics and war. Read More.

E3 2011: UFC Undisputed 3 Preview (X360)

By Ania Kwak ()

UFC Undisputed 3 is a project that contains 5 years' worth of continued development. When you consider that THQ used motion-capture technology, complete with "ping-pong-ball suits" and the actual UFC fighters themselves throwing punches and kicks whilst wearing them, it's no wonder the movement looks so good. Read More.

E3 2011: Batman: Arkham City Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

There are few titles at this year's E3 that had us more excited than the prospect of trying out the sequel to 2009's sublime superhero surprise, Batman: Arkham Asylum. With a great combat engine, superb graphics, and a story penned by none other than Batman comics scribe Paul Dini, one would have to question how the developers at Rocksteady would be able to improve on the experience. Read More.

Red Faction: Armageddon Hands on Single Player Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

When it comes to THQ, there's a few crown jewels in their crown of franchises, but few have delivered the destructive goods for over a decade. Red Faction is that franchise. After a fun but flawed excursion into open world Mars in Guerilla, Red Faction is returning to its more linear roots with its sequel, Armageddon. Read More.

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Hands on Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

I'll get this out in the open right now; I'm not much into the Warhammer scene. Therefore, if I misspell a certain race's name or get some minor detail from the game's universe wrong, feel free to bombard my email with hate messages. What I definitely am, however, is a fan of shooters, and playing through four chapters of the upcoming action title's campaign would have proved a fun time for any shooter fan. Read More.