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TRON: Evolution Preview (PS3)

By Ania Kwak ()

Many people remember Tron from its original movie back in 1982, so the upcoming movie release of Tron : Legacy has already gotten many fans into a tizzy. But what should fans think of Tron : Evolution? I'll admit I never watched the 1982 film nor did I initially care about the upcoming movie release, but after playing the game I have a strong urge to watch both flicks and see what all the rage is all about. Read More.

Dungeons Preview (PC)

By Shawn Snider ()

We recently had an opportunity to get an in-depth look at Kalypso's upcoming release Dungeons due out early next year. In this strategy/simulation game, you play a dungeon master whose ultimate goal is the construction of an elaborate labyrinth of tunnels and chambers. Read More.

PlayStation Holiday Preview 2010: LittleBigPlanet 2 Preview (PS3)

By Ania Kwak ()

As any fan of any game series knows, the idea of a sequel can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when it follows up a huge hit. You want the action to continue, but at what cost? Happily, after playing LBP2 at the recent Sony Preview event in Toronto Ontario, I can safely say it's just as fun as the original and yet adds enough oomph to be worthy of Sackboy's return. Read More.

WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2011 Hands-On Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

The day before wrestling's biggest superstars hit the apron for the Hell in the Cell pay per view in Dallas Texas, we were lucky enough to fight a few matches of our own with the final build of WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2011 and came away quite excited to jump into the ring with several of the new features on both the single player and online portions of the title. Read More.

Homefront Multiplayer Preview (X360)

By Shawn Snider ()

We recently had an opportunity to get an early hands-on look with the multiplayer aspects of THQ and Kaos Studio's upcoming shooter Homefront. At E3 earlier this year we had an opportunity to check out the heavily cinematic single player offerings and another opportunity to ask the developers some tough questions; we'd encourage you to check out those in-depth previews to get some background on the story of the game. Read More.

Fable III Preview (X360)

By Nicholas Bale ()

Getting a chance to see and play Fable 3 brought a lot of memories back from when I played its predecessors. For obvious reasons, too, since at first glance it looks and feels a lot like Fable 2. Once you start poking at the gameplay, looking through the menus, and figuring out what you have access too, this quickly changes, and it's apparent that Lionhead is trying hard to create a refined experience that still brings the same feeling from exploring Albion. Read More.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Preview (X360)

By Nicholas Bale ()

The Call of Duty series, still going strong, is coming out with another title early this November. Call of Duty: Black Ops is set in the late 60s and early 70s, and is about a group of people who don't exist. You'll be playing as part of a special forces group during the Cold War that does things no one knows about, becoming heroes that no one's heard about. Read More.

X'10 Canada: Halo: Reach Hands-On Preview (X360)

By Nicholas Bale ()

At X'10 I was able to get behind some closed doors (well, really more of a curtain) to see what the newest (and, says Joseph Tung, the executive producer, the last) Halo game to bring us back into the world of the Spartans and the Covenant. This game serves as a prequel to show us the final days of Reach, the last bastion of defence between the Earth and the deadly forces of the Covenant. Read More.

E3 2010: Crysis 2 Impressions (PC)

By Christopher Seal ()

When the original Crysis was released it was known for its amazing graphics and ability to make your computer get on its knees and beg for mercy. PC fans will be happy to know that should you choose, you can still make your computer ask you why you hate it, but this time around you will also have the chance to play Crysis 2 on your 360 or PS3. Read More.

E3 2010: Monster Tale Impressions (DS)

By Isabel Jarvo ()

Coming from the same guys behind the frightfully addictive Henry Hatsworth, Majesco is ready to launch Monster Tale on Nintendo DS.

This side-scroller follows a girl named Ellie who arrives on Monster World to discover that a group of brats named the Kid Kings have taken control of the world and the monsters that inhabit it. Read More.

E3 2010: Vanquish Impressions (X360)

By Christopher Seal ()

Day one, E3 2010. Doors just opened and our first appointment of the day was with SEGA. We're asked "Is there anything specific you'd like to see?", we responded "Show us what you got!". And show us they did. By the end of day one several people were already saying Vanquish deserved to be nominated for several awards. Read More.