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Mortal Kombat X Review

By Daniel Acaba ()

Mortal Kombat X isn’t perfect but very few games truly are. What it is though is a game that does far more right than it does wrong. You’ve got a fun fighting game with an okay story, few fighting games can claim even that. It might be a bit rough around the edges in some parts but it’s a fast paced, aggressive fighting game that’s just pure fun to play. Just avoid the powergamers and trolls online and you’re in for one of the best fighting experiences out there. Read More.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Review

By Nicholas Bale ()

Released for the Playstation 3, Valkryia Chronicles was a bright, but small flame that developed a following for its blend of real-time and turn-based strategy mechanics before being rereleased on the PC in 2014. A game with a lot of personality and strategy, its rerelease on the Playstation 4 brings some updated visuals, all the DLC from the original version, and trophy support as well - retaining all of its original quality in the process. Read More.

Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch Review

By Daniel Acaba ()

Perhaps my biggest complaint with this DLC is that I wish the main game used more elements from it. This has a great look to it that manages to be creepy while still feeling like you’re in Lara Croft’s world. It doesn’t feel like you slipped and fell into another game like it easy could. Instead it blurs the line between between myth and reality to make Lara question the world around her. It’s a great experience that is rather burdened by the fact that it only lasts for a far too short time. Read More.

Quantum Break Review

By Daniel Acaba ()

Quantum Break is one of the major killer apps coming to the Xbox One this year. It’s been so heavily promoted and recieved a lot of attention but it manages to live up to all of it. It works damn hard to tell an engaging story focusing around time travel while simultaneously being both a great game and a fun tv show. Frankly this is one of the best experiences on the market right now so unless you truly loathe science-fiction works you’re doing yourself a disservice to not pick this one up. Read More.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review

By Daniel Acaba ()

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition felt like a bit of a mixed bag on the Xbox One. It was just too simple to go back and play the previous version of the game which is still damn good today. The lack of real improvements didn’t make this a “must own” and more of a nice addition to the library. But on PC if you’re even remotely interested in the series or just really like the idea of having that keyboard and mouse gameplay element added then this is a damn fine game. Read More.

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Demons Age Set to Release in Early 2016

By Naomi Brown ()

Dark fantasy and RPG games are always tons of fun to play, especially when other party members get involved. But add in a bonus of being able to choose from multiple different ones with different stories and add in the possibility that they might stab me in the back and suddenly I'm morbidly intrigued. Read More.