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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Impressions (X360)

By Liana Kerzner ()

At the end of a very busy week in Toronto gaming events, I (and my liver) headed down to another fancy pants event by Ubisoft to check out some multiplayer gameplay for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Ubisoft had a tough sell where I was concerned: I was tired, demoed out, and I'd given up on Ghost Recon 2 because I got frustrated by the squad AI. Read More.

Darksiders II Impressions (X360)

By Daniel Acaba ()

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Darksiders II in California. As dedicated fans of the first game we at GamingExcellence wanted to make sure it was given the most thorough coverage possible. So one of the authors of the previous reviews, notably myself, got shipped off to go get a hands on with the sequel. Read More.

Tropico 4: Modern Times Preview (PC)

By Shawn Snider ()

For the first time since its inception, the Tropico series is entering the modern era. Next month, el Presidente is going to get a lot more toys to expand his empire, as the island-building simulation is getting a modern makeover. Modern Times brings new buildings and modes of transportation, alongside an all-new campaign and timeline. Read More.

Yesterday Preview (PC)

By Naomi Brown ()

Yesterday is a point and click style adventure game from Spain based developer Pendulo Studios. While the company has delivered several other games such as the Runaway trilogy, they've usually focused on more comedic type games. Yesterday is a very different beast, featuring a dark, gritty story filled with mystery and death. Read More.

Prototype 2 Preview (PS3)

By Shawn Snider ()

When Radical's Prototype launched two and a half years ago, it was met with mostly positive reviews. Our own Nicholas Bale praised the game for offering over the top action and a variety of innovative and well executed gameplay concepts. With that said, Prototype wasn't without it's flaws, visually the game felt dated, a few minor camera issues, and difficulty spikes that left players frustrated. Read More.

Darksiders II First Look (X360)

By Shawn Snider ()

When it released in early 2010, Darksiders set a ridiculously high watermark for the rest of the year. The game borrowed some of the best elements from other franchises, and combined them into a masterpiece, what would prove to be one of the best games (and biggest surprises) of the year. Read More.

Hard Reset: Extended Edition Preview (PC)

By Shawn Snider ()

Released last year, you'd be forgiven if you missed Hard Reset. The game was a limited release with little marketing, and was only available via digital download. Even for those who played it, you likely finished the story in a quick four to six hours. While the game was certainly fun, it left gamers wanting more. Read More.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Impressions (PC)

By Michael Joly ()

Ok... So Star Wars.

Here is my initial impression of Star Wars The Old Republic. I can sum up how I feel so far in just a few words. "It's like playing Knights of the Old Republic but with an online community and other people running around." Read More.

UFC Undisputed 3 Hands On Preview (X360)

By Ania Kwak ()

After taking a year off from their venerable Undisputed series for the 2011 season, THQ's realistic brawling franchise is back for another round in the Octagon. We were fortunate enough to check out the latest build of the game at a THQ hosted event in Toronto, mere hours before UFC fighters stepped into the octagon for the first ever time on Ontario soil. Read More.

Saints Row: The Third Hands-On Preview (X360)

By Shawn Snider ()

While the Grand Theft Auto series has taken a more "realistic" angle over the last few releases, the developers at Volition have taken a completely different approach on the open world genre. That approach: to deliver an absolutely over the top experience that is just a whole lot of fun from beginning to end, and deliver a few laughs along the way. Read More.

WWE '12 Hands-On Preview (X360)

By Shawn Snider ()

With over a decade of WWE SmackDown games under its belt, the franchise has been one of the most consistently well received by gamers among all of the yearly sports titles. Over the last couple of releases however, the gameplay has started to stagnate, and gamers have noticed fewer and fewer year over year improvements. Read More.

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Hands-On Preview (X360)

By Shawn Snider ()

Released in 1997, the classic GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 was a staple on the platform, and one of the definitive first-person shooters of it's day. Last year, Activision released a re-imagined version of this classic shooter on the Nintendo Wii, and next month the game will make its way to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 with a variety of enhancements. Read More.

Just Dance 3 Preview (X360)

By Ania Kwak ()

Ubisoft has decided to bring back the dance-love by making a third game in the Just Dance series, adding a few new ideas to the mix including its first appearance on the Xbox Kinect. Read More.

Rayman Origins Preview (X360)

By Ania Kwak ()

This year Ubisoft is celebrating their 25th anniversary, and what better way than to send their original limbless character, who helped put their name out in the first place, on a new adventure? Read More.