Andrew Sztein has been gaming since he was six years old and first played Super Mario Bros. That was in 1989. Since that time, he has played games from nearly every genre across every major console. Even the Dreamcast. These days, he enjoys a good shooter on his 360, a little old school virtual console on his Wii, waiting for the PSP to finally reach its vast potential, and wishing he had a better PC.

Some other random facts about Andrew include:

-He looks like he's Riverdancing when plays Dance Dance Revolution.
-He was so addicted to video games as a child that he even played horrible renditions of Robocop and Hudson Hawk on the NES for more way more time than is recommended by the Surgeon General's Office. (Never)
-He is a rabid Ottawa Senators fan, and has won the Stanley cup with them in at least one hockey game every season since NHL '96 on the Super NES.
-He twice played through Halo on Legendary difficulty in one full sitting, pausing only for very occasional bathroom break, pizza.
-He has a tattoo of Super Mario
-He thinks that Bill Gates has way too much money, and at least one quarter of his vast fortune is directly attributed to Andrew's pocket.
-He loves guitar hero, but has a sinking feeling when he plays it… Wouldn't that time perhaps be better spent actually learning to play guitar?
-He has beaten Chrono Trigger dozens of times, and considers it the greatest game ever made, even more than a decade later.
-He very likely owns the world record at Crazy Taxi 2 on the dreamcast: $48,000 in one run.
-Once tried to have an educated debate about video game violence with Jack Thompson, only to receive a single sentence reply that claimed that GTA was marketed to kids.