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Rocksmith Preview (X360)

By Ania Kwak ()

Having already seen a demonstration of this game at E3 this year, I was happy to be able to get my hands on the guitar to actually play it myself and see just how receptive this game really is. Read More.

Kinect Star Wars Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

In retrospect, it was truly a recipe for disaster. Hosting a gaming event (in this case X'11) on one of the hottest days of the year, fill it with nerds both in and out of shape, and fill the halls with the next wave of motion controlled titles for Microsoft's controllerless Kinect sensor. Read More.

Forza Motorsport 4 Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

It is perhaps fitting if not unsurprising that one of the first demonstrations attendees to Microsoft's X'11 show in Toronto saw upon entering was a powerhouse Xbox 360 exclusive title. What made Forza Motorsport 4's demonstration notable was that it showed something that upon first glance could change the way gamers decide which cars they choose to drive or collect in the game. Read More.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

EA Sports had no shortages of titles on display at X'11. Its staple franchises were well represented in Madden 12, NHL 12 and FIFA 12. Another potential franchise in the making; Grand Slam Tennis 2 looked like it could hold its own amongst EA Sports' heavyweights. Read More.

NHL 12 Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

EA Sports showcased its latest iteration of its long-time standing hockey game at X'11 and with 2k Sports taking a year off with their NHL 2k series, gamers will have to settle with the most successful hockey video game franchise to get their fix. Read More.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview (PS3)

By Nicholas Bale ()

With the release date of the highly anticipated third part of the Deus Ex franchise just around the corner, a number of journalists were flown from around the US (and me, taking a train from Ottawa), to Montreal to see first hand the final version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Read More.

E3 2011: Rocksmith Preview (X360)

By Ania Kwak ()

After the death of Guitar Hero, in that no one seems to care about it anymore, it was believed the idea of guitar-gaming died along with it. With the birth of Rocksmith, however, guitar-gaming seems to not only be revived, but very much improved. Read More.

E3 2011: Kid Icarus: Uprising Preview (3DS)

By Ania Kwak ()

When Nintendo recommended I try Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS, I thought it would have the same impact on me as the original NES game from the 80s, and by impact I mean not much of one. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see that it not only is much of something, but it stands out in a very good way. Read More.

Catherine Preview (X360)

By Daniel Acaba ()

Atlus has never been a company to shy away from unconventional games and that's why we love them. Many people simply don't "get" the appeal to Atlus' games... something to truly pity them for. Whether it's the distinctly Japanese aesthetics, the old-school RPG mechanics or the fact that you can't choose the original Japanese dialogue. Read More.

E3 2011: Serious Sam: Double D Preview (PC)

By Nicholas Bale ()

In a comfy hotel lounge, I got to check out the latest in the Serious Sam indie collection: Double D. This sidescrolling addition brings a lot of action, a lot of enemies, and a pile of guns. Literally a stack of guns. Did I mention there's gun stacking? Read More.

E3 2011: Serious Sam 3: BFE (PC)

By Nicholas Bale ()

Serious Sam is not a complicated series. You shoot things that come at you, then you shoot them some more, then more things come at you and you shoot them, and then you go to the next area to find more things to shoot, and possibly blow up if you are so inclined. Read More.

E3 2011: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Preview (Wii)

By Ania Kwak ()

Link will forever be saving Zelda it seems, as yet another new chapter in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda saga is ready to take its turn in the 25-year old franchise. Will it promise some of the usual Zelda-esque action you know and love, while adding a new twist? You can bet your triforce on it. Read More.

E3 2011: Tropico 4 Preview (PC)

By Ania Kwak ()

What would you give to find yourself on your very own tropical island, with the power to do what you want, build what you'd like, and invite whomever you wish to it? Kalypso saves you the trouble of answering that by giving you that power, and all you must do is wield it well. Read More.