We at GamingExcellence are always seeking ways to improve the accuracy of our reviews so that they best represent the author and the site at large. Indeed the numeric score, while not the most important part of a review, is often given a large amount of attention. To that end we are always debating and discussing what the best way to best represent what those scores mean and how they should be given out.

As such we have decided to move from the 100 point scale down to a 20 point scale. While the 100 point scale allows us to give the most precise scores possible it is very hard to create a standardized review rating system that all staff can adhere to. By reducing the possible score variables we hope that there will be more consistency in our reviews across the site.

In addition to this we have re-thought what the score of a 10 really means to our site. Only two of these have ever been given out as they were, in the previous scoring method, meant to indicate perfect games. However no game is truly without any fault, especially when personal opinions enter the discussion, and as such we have decided to shift what a ten means. Essentially a ten represents the pinnacle of gaming at that time. The game may not be perfect; there may be glitches, bugs or minor problems with the game itself. But the sheer quality of these games makes them so important, so relevant to the gaming world that we acknowledge them as the best of the best.

10.0 - Impeccable

A genre-defining game, the pinnacle of gaming. Games that receive a perfect score are the most industry-defining titles released, and simply the best of the best.

9.0 - Excellent

A game receiving this score comes highly recommended, absolutely superb in many respects and should absolutely not be overlooked.

8.0 - Great

A score which falls in this range is recommended, especially for fans of the genre. These are well polished games offering a consistently great experience, that are enjoyable from start to finish.

7.0 - Good

These titles are very solid, consistently good, and generally enjoyable to play.

6.0 - Decent

A game into this range isn't necessarily for everyone, mainly those who enjoy the genre or series. They may contain some bugs, but none that impede the game from being playable.

5.0 - Average

Games which fall into this range are lacking in features and/or need definite improvement. They are playable, but may contain bugs or design oversights which reduce the enjoyment factor of the game.

4.0 - Mediocre

Games in this range typically have significant design flaws, or are simply not fun to play. Not typically recommended.

Below 4.0 - Terrible

Don't even think about it, games that fall into this range simply aren't worth your time. Not recommended in any way, shape, or form.