Serious Sam is not a complicated series. You shoot things that come at you, then you shoot them some more, then more things come at you and you shoot them, and then you go to the next area to find more things to shoot, and possibly blow up if you are so inclined. I got the chance to sit down to check out the third iteration of the series, known as Serious Sam 3.

First, you can tell that the game has been visually updated. Now running on the Serious Engine 3, there is definitely been an upgrade to how the world and enemies look. This also means more enemies, as well as visual effects like sandstorms, which makes things a little complicated when you can't see very far and enemies are still coming at you from all sides.

The story, if you're interested in that sort of thing, takes place before the first game. The year is 2025, Mental has destroyed everything, and Sam needs to make his way to the Time Lock to get back and set everything the way it should be. As you might expect, this is not really an easy task.

There isn't too much to talk about here: it's Serious Sam. New weapons, new enemies, new ways to put bits of those weapons into parts of those enemies. There's also melee attacks, which means tearing apart those enemies with your bare hands, like a man called Serious Sam should be doing. Also you can lasso things apart. Look for it at the end of the summer.