In a comfy hotel lounge, I got to check out the latest in the Serious Sam indie collection: Double D. This sidescrolling addition brings a lot of action, a lot of enemies, and a pile of guns. Literally a stack of guns. Did I mention there's gun stacking?

The plot of the game is fairly simple, unsurprisingly: some strange beacons have activated in the desert, and it's up to same to shut them off. There are a couple new mechanics present in the game, such as being able to deploy a high-jump jump-pad at any point to launch yourself into the air. There's also something called 'corpse piling', which is, well, corpse piling. Enemies leave a body that you can walk on, and when you get enough of them in one place, you've suddenly got a literal mountain of bodies to climb over. It's actually used as a mechanic in a couple places.

The main point of this game is that you can put guns on top of other guns, on top of other guns. There are 8 weapons in total - including a chainsaw - and you get connector pieces as you play the game; you'll get them simply for completing a level, but also for finding secrets, of which there are quite a few. These connector pieces are exactly what they say on the tin: they connect guns. Put a shotgun on a machine gun, and you now have a shot-machine-gun. Twice the gun with each pull of the trigger! Also you can put your chainsaw on there, you know, if you want.

There are new enemies, too, like the chimp-utees (monkeys with arms and legs replaced with weapons and jetpacks) and femikazes, which are female kamikazes, unsurprisingly. Oh, the chimp-utees shoot exploding bananas. What else would they throw?

Serious Sam: Double D is set to come out on the PC and, maybe later, on the 360. When it comes to sticking a minigun onto a rocket launcher, I'm pretty sure there aren't any other games that fit the bill, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.