Avi has been into gaming for as far back as he can remember. Right now, his main system of choice is the Xbox 360. However his collection of over sixty PlayStation 2 games (and counting) is noteworthy. He also likes to kick back and play on his classic systems which include the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, and Sega Dreamcast in which he has over seventy-five more games between them, most of which he has not only played through but beaten to completion. Thus he considers himself a bit of a collector as well.

His favourite gaming genres include fighting, sports, and RPGs. His love for gaming is undeniable even if he is one of those rare breeds who have yet to actually play a single minute of the World of Warcraft (or any other MMORPG for that matter). Avi's all time favourite game is Super Dodgeball for the Nintendo, a game he has logged more hours on than many of the rpgs he has beaten. His favourite video game character is Ryu from the Street Fighter 2 series. If he was allowed only one system in his lifetime, without a doubt it would be the Super Nintendo.

Outside of gaming and contributing to GamingExcellence, Avi is a full time student at Carleton University majoring in Sociology (Honours). His other interests outside the gaming realm include reading, music, and a wide assortment of different sports.