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Xbox One Reveal: What about the cat people?

By Liana Kerzner ()

What stole the show seems to be the Call of Duty dog. Who doesn’t love dogs? They’re loyal, fluffy, useful, and devoted to their human masters. One could, if one was being cynical, say they’re good consumers. Microsoft has made a lot of money making Xbox culture into a pack mentality that rewards fluffy loyalty and punishes free thought, and that was on display in full force at the Xbox One reveal. Read More.

Xbox One Reveal: Why I'm disappointed

By Nicholas Bale ()

Associate Editor Nicholas Bale writes: "Overall, I'm disappointed with the Xbox One reveal. A lot of people are saying to 'wait for E3' when all the 'good stuff' will be shown, but I honestly don't know what Microsoft intended to do with this conference. I guess we'll see if, maybe, there is actually something worth getting, but unless there are some crazy bombshells, this is one console I'll be passing on." Read More.

SimCity: If I Worked for EA PR

By Liana Kerzner ()

The difference between “We’re sorry” and “We’re fixing the problem” may seem subtle, but it’s really not. “We’re fixing it” means something is going to improve. “We’re sorry” is what you say to someone when their parakeet died. Read More.

SimCity: There are No Winners Here

By Shawn Snider ()

Who are the people that this fiasco ultimately hurts the most? The designers, the developers, programmers, artists, sound engineers, testers, and the countless people involved with actually bringing the game to life. The people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into the game and worked countless hours over many years to deliver a really unique and compelling game. Read More.

SimCity: If You Don't Like it, Don't Buy It

By Michael Joly ()

Is Electronic Arts Inc. wrong to implement such a DRM strategy on a game that they are releasing solely on PC? I honestly don’t think so. Re-read the previous line and you’ll see one thing, the organization is called Electronic Arts Inc. They are a company. A capitalist company based in a free country, and they exist to try and make money. Read More.

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review

By Shawn Snider ()

The Razer Ouroboros is fairly expensive compared to other gaming mice, but it's a worthy buy for those who love to game or simply want to have the most extreme customization and options available. It's technical specs are incredibly impressive and wireless response time is among the best I've ever seen. Read More.

XCOM: Nerds to the Rescue - Part Two

By Daniel Acaba ()

So not only did we perform awesomely but apparently the hottie scientist, Dr. Vahlen, can use the stuff we’re gathering in the field to research upgrades. First things first, we’re going to start researching elements that will lead to getting better defenses for the troops since Chris took a bullet and has been sidelined since that first fight. Read More.

XCOM: Nerds to the Rescue - Part One

By Daniel Acaba ()

Strange craft have been sighted in the North American airspace. These Unidentified Flying Objects have thrown the upper brass of both the United States and Canada into a fit. As such they've come together to present their issues to the worldwide community, bringing news of these potential aliens with them. Read More.

Interview with Actor Daniel Cudmore at the Halo 4 Launch

By Andrew Sztein ()

If you're a nerd like us, you've seen Daniel Cudmore at work, from his roles as Colossus in the X-Men films, to his roles on the StarGate TV series. One look at him, and it's clear that there's few actors out there who seem to fit the distinct role of Halo's Master Chief more comfortably than the 6"6', soft spoken actor who hails from Squamish, British Columbia. Read More.

Omerta: City of Gangsters Interview

By Chris Moore ()

In San Francisco there is a building, dark, but seemingly average on the outside.  You go to the door and you are let into a small and quaint bar.  Give the greeter at the door the correct password and she opens up a bookcase that lets you into another bar; a virtual speakeasy of our times, an establishment that hasn't been popular since Prohibition. Read More.

A Day at the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event

By Andrew Sztein ()

  It was a hazy, crisp fall day on October 3rd, outside of the Palais Royale on Toronto's beautiful waterfront. But, inside was a completely different story. Inside, things were just heating up as we were made privy with hands-on demos for the coolest games and products to come from Sony's camp this holiday season. Read More.

Praise Be, Now I'm a Convert

By Ben Abbott ()

There was always something that turned me off about the Metal Gear series. Whether this was thanks to the franchise's inability to know whether it was a straight-laced espionage thriller or a confused tangle of popcorn insanity (I suppose the truth lies somewhere in the middle), I could never quite bring myself to become lost in its labyrinthine story. Read More.