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Xbox One X Review

By Daniel Acaba ()

It really boils down to this: Do you have a 4k television? If so, you should buy this console. Unless you just cannot afford the price tag this improves every aspect of your gaming experience. Games will look prettier, run better and have some features you might miss out on. If you don’t have a 4k television, carefully consider if the loading improvements and helpful tweaks are good enough for you. Previously I didn’t think it would be but after spending hours with it, the boon is good enough that I’d happily buy another. Read More.

Why I Won't Be Playing Sims 4

By Naomi Brown ()

With all the hype about the Sims 4, I expected an updated game with new features, new interactions and better gameplay that would improve my experience and make me excited about switching from Sims 3 to 4. Instead, I've had to make a baffling decision to stick with the Sims 3 for the life cycle of Sims 4 due to the underwhelming presentation of the newest game in the series. Read More.

One Xbox to Rule Them All

By Andrew Sztein ()

When it comes down to the games, I have to admit that the Xbox One impressed me. There's a little something for most gaming tastes in the launch lineup. Despite all of Sony's PS4 momentum, it looks like Microsoft got the upper hand with their overall launch line up. Microsoft has come a long way since the disastrous E3 reveal, and shown at least this games journalist that the next generation battle may not be over before it already began after all. This launch lineup is a good start for Microsoft to meet their goal of having One Xbox to rule all the living rooms. Read More.

Liana K's Top 3 Xbox One Games

By Liana Kerzner ()

I will say that Xbox's marketing team is working hard to overcome a disastrous E3, and since Playstation has been pretty quiet leading up to its release, only the most hardcore gamers will continue to be swayed by the bad pre-release PR. Xbox is still a contender, even though the controllers are still too damned big for my tiny hands. Read More.

What Your Gaming Choices Say About You

By Dashiell Young-Saver ()

Think about it: video games are the chance to see yourself in a new reality, exploring and sublimating your repressed violent childhood fantasies, and often sexual desires, in a virtual world. Freud’s therapy was, in fact, all about exploring the unconscious, which was supposedly littered with repressed ideas and primitive desires both sexual and violent. With boobs, fast cars, children, blood, guts, and boobs, the wild and random world of video games can represent each of the various parts of Freud’s psychosexual stages. Plus, I think he’d be really into Final Fantasy. Read More.

A Possibly Surprising Defense of Mike Krahulik

By Liana Kerzner ()

Now that I've unintentionally become Ms “Geek Rape Culture For Dummies”, I'm going to re-establish my proper designation as a contrarian. I'm going to defend the “transphobic” Penny Arcade guy. Mike Krahulik doesn't deserve the level of venom being spewed at him. Read More.

GamingExcellence's Best of E3 2013

By Feature Staff ()

On the verge of a new console generation, E3 2013 promised to deliver a number of big unveilings, a few surprises, and plenty of great games. It certainly didn't disappoint on that vision. Read More.

GamingExcellence's Best of E3 2013: The Nominees

By Feature Staff ()

With E3 2013 behind us, we have a chance to check out a ton of great games, new console unveilings, and a handful of big surprises. We've still got plenty of E3 coverage to follow in the coming weeks and months leading up to what is sure to be an amazing holiday season, but for now, we wanted to recognize the best games and technology on display at this year's E3 Expo. Read More.

E3 2013: Killer Instinct and Rape Culture in Gaming

By Liana Kerzner ()

I subsequently realized that these were really bad reasons to not get involved, resulting from my own rape-culture-induced symptoms. As much as anyone, I suffer from gamer rape flu. I often don't see how horrific gamer trash talk is, because I'm contextualizing it as “gamers will be gamey”. I need to be more aware of that. That starts now. Read More.

E3 2013: Xbox Press Conference Recap

By Chris Moore ()

Every gamer in the world was pretty much disappointed by the reveal of Microsoft's next gen console: The Xbox One. However, today Microsoft pretty much made a statement today with their press conference: Read More.

Why I won't be buying an Xbox One

By Michael Joly ()

This debacle and the lackluster announcement of the system initially has solidified in my mind that I will not be buying into the Xbox One… that being said I’m not buying into the PS4 either. Looks like I’m taking that money and building a PC, where there is DRM, yes, but it’s a case-by-case basis. I won’t have big brother checking to see if my desktop is connected to the Internet at all times. Read More.

Star Wars Battlefront III: The Continuing Saga

By Dashiell Young-Saver ()

The Star Wars Battlefront community is making a push behind DICE to create a sequel to the series. The company has made some promising remarks, which has led many to think there will be a reveal of the development at E3. But, even though this is a series definitely worth continuing, the prospects remain far from confirmed. Read More.