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PlayStation Move: Our First Impressions

By Ania Kwak ()


With the success of Nintendo's Wii it's no surprise that others would eventually follow suit.  Sony recently released the PlayStation Move, complete with a PS Eye camera that can see your every move and controllers that sense your positioning, and they did a great job of keeping the concept alive while adding some great improvements to the limb flailing fun. Read More.

Exclusive Interview: A Conversation with Kaos

By Andrew Sztein ()

Of all the potential masterpieces and wonderful gaming experiences that we were privileged to experience at E3 2010, few stuck with the staff of GamingExcellence quite like THQ and Kaos Studios' upcoming shooter Homefront. With a combination of great storytelling, realised environments, intense shooting action, and superb tech, Homefront looks to be one of those titles that reaffirms our faith in our precious hobby and pastime. Read More.

E3 2010: PlayStation Move Preview

By Daniel Acaba ()

Last year both Project Natal and PlayStation Move were announced, ensuring that all modern consoles would have some form of arm flailing involved. Back then Natal, now unfortunately named Kinect, looked more promising as the potential of full body interaction beats out flailing those two remotes any day of the week. Read More.

GamingExcellence's Best of E3 2010

By Feature Staff ()

What a year its been for E3! With a full on return to the hectic and crowded nature of E3's past, we were instantly bombarded with the sights, sounds, and unfortunately, smells of gaming's biggest event. Over 40,000 people packed the Los Angeles Convention Centre hoping to get a glimpse of the upcoming latest and greatest in our beloved pastime. Read More.

Best of E3 2010: The Nominees

By Feature Staff ()

Over three days, nearly a dozen GamingExcellence reporters descended on E3 and scoured the show floor looking for the best of the best. After late nights and long debates, the GamingExcellence crew has nailed down our Best of E3 Nominees, and will announce the winners next week. Read More.

Sony Delivers Annual Keynote

By Nicholas Bale ()

The Sony Conference came with a feeling of expectation, as there was a lot that Sony could promise the audience. There had been a lot of news that had gotten out over the internet, but most press was certain that Sony still had a trick or two up its multi-billion-dollar sleeves. Read More.

Ubisoft Press Conference Recap

By Christopher Seal ()

Ubisoft had their annual E3 press conference late yesterday afternoon and although they didn't announce any big unnamed games, they didn't disappoint in bringing out their heavy hitters. Hosted by Joel McHale (NBC's 'Community'), the event had some laughs, some awkward dialogue, games that are sure to be blockbusters and others that are all but likely failures. Read More.

Activision shakes up E3 with new "preview event" format

By Rick Poulin ()

Long before the show started, there were rumours that Activision's preview event was going to be less "press conference" and more "party" than most. That said, most pre-E3 events typically contain some degree of useful information for gamers and the journalists present on their behalf. Read More.

Opinion: What the Natal was that?

By Andrew Sztein ()

Now I know why they refused to allow any cameras or recording equipment into the pre-E3 Project Natal presentation on Sunday night. Microsoft obviously didn't want any video evidence of the train wreck that was about to take place. Read More.

Women at E3

By Liana Kerzner ()

"So, what booth are you at?"

This is usually how conversations start with strangers at E3.  Only when they ask me this, they usually think I'm a booth babe.  The wardrobe might have something to do with it: fashion wise, I beat Lady Gaga to her shtick by about two years. Read More.

Ten Awesome Technologies with Awful First Generations

By Andrew Sztein ()

Just so our readers don't think we're single minded when it comes to gaming, every now and then, we decide to branch out a little bit in our publications. Now, we're not going to start getting political or philosophical on you, but I thought it would be a nice little change of pace to discuss some tech and gadgetry in this space, so without further ado, we give you ten awesome technologies with awful first generation iterations. Read More.