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Crackdown 2 Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

High up in the Ottawa skyline, GamingExcellence was given an exclusive hands on preview with the latest build of Crackdown 2, the anticipated sequel to the original, climb anything, blow everything up, kookfest that was the original title. Read More.

Halo: Reach Preview (X360)

By Liana Kerzner ()

Bungie gambles slightly with its tried-and-true formula, but has worked in a kill switch in case fans think it sucks.

Chalk this one up in the "it seemed like a good idea at the time" column. Of course I was curious about the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta. Read More.

Alan Wake Preview (X360)

By Liana Kerzner ()

After five years of suspense, the first look at Alan Wake says much, but leaves many questions too.

A week after showing up to a Splinter Cell press conference with Michael Ironside dressed as a giant Thundercat - in my defence, it was at a comic book convention - I received an invite to see a preview of Alan Wake. Read More.

UFC 2010 Undisputed Preview (PS3)

By Shawn Snider ()

It's a rare thing for a new sports video game franchise to come out of the gates flying, but that's just what THQ managed to do with last years UFC 2009 Undisputed. Now to be fair, that wasn't the first UFC branded game released, Crave had previously shipped a mess of a game with the license. Read More.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Preview (PC)

By Alex Coulter ()

StarCraft fans are a patient bunch. It's been twelve, long years since the innovative RTS invaded computers across the world in March of 1998… back in a time when the threat of Y2K was ever looming, and the Winter Olympics were being held in Nagano. Since then, Blizzard has not only released Diablo II and it's expansion, but a total of five Warcraft titles as well. Read More.

Metro 2033 Preview (X360)

By Shawn Snider ()

Moscow's underground has an interesting history. When first constructed, it was built to withstand a nuclear blast and in fact, was designed to act as a massive bomb shelter for its citizens. In Metro 2033, a book by Dmitry Glukhovsky, that fate has been met. A best-seller in Russia and currently being translated into other languages (including English), developer 4A couldn't pass on the opportunity to make Metro 2033 the basis of a new horror-shooter. Read More.

Trauma Team Impressions (Wii)

By Nicholas Bale ()

I've played a few of the Trauma Center games in the past and enjoyed them relatively well. So when I was told that the new game would change up a lot of the formula, I was curious to see exactly what developer and publisher Atlus meant by this. Earlier, I was given the opportunity to watch a playthrough of the Forensics portion of the game, a strong departure from the typical slice-and-dice gameplay of the series that focuses more on evidence collection and analysis than trying to beat the clock. Read More.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Impressions (X360)

By Christopher Seal ()

You know that expression, "don't fix what isn't broken"? Well that seems to apply to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, or at least the limited beta we had a chance to get our hands on. Instead of reinventing the series, it seems that DICE has taken the solid base that was established with the first Bad Company and improved on what was lacking. Read More.

Darksiders: Wrath of War Impressions (X360)

By Shawn Snider ()

We first got an opportunity to check out Darksiders at E3 earlier this year, and from the initial demo we witnessed, the game was initially to be simply a God of War clone. After sitting down in-depth with the game recently, we'll be the first to acknowledge that statement couldn't be any further from the truth. Read More.

Mass Effect 2 Preview (X360)

By Shawn Snider ()

Released in 2007, Mass Effect wasn't a perfect game, but it did a lot of things right.

Critically acclaimed, it was a beautifully crafted blend of action and RPG elements, featuring a superb plot, excellent voice acting, and a deep and intriguing setting. Perhaps its most impressive achievement was that it was among the first to introduce the concept of near seamless dialog and conversations. Read More.

PlayStation Holiday Preview 09: LittleBigPlanet Impressions (PSP)

By Andrew Sztein ()

LittleBigPlanet on the PS3 was one of the more pleasant surprises in the industry last year. While the PS3 certainly lags behind systems like the Wii in terms of casual appeal, it was fantastic to have a game come about for the fledging system that encouraged easy to pick up and play controls, loads of easy to use customization options, brilliant platformer gameplay all wrapped into a presentation so sugary sweet it'll rot your teeth. Read More.

PlayStation Holiday Preview 09: The Saboteur Preview (PS3)

By Alex Coulter ()

One of the most intriguing games showcased at this year's Sony annual Holiday Preview event in Toronto was Pandemic's The Saboteur, the shooter set almost entirely in black and white. Taking place during the Nazi invasion of France, one quick glance reveals that this isn't your typical World War II shooter. Read More.