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Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Preview (PSP)

By Daniel Acaba ()

When you hear about a big game coming to the PSP you can't help but cringe a bit. Starting to think about the load times that are going to come along with a game like this is just the sort of thing to make you curse disk based media. With this in mind Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron was approached with much trepidation. Read More.

Mini Ninjas Preview (PS3)

By Rick Poulin ()

One of the surprises at the Eidos booth this year was an entrancing game by the name of Mini Ninjas, developed by IO Interactive. It's not so much the storyline or the characters that draws you in as much as the very essence of the game. The feel of the universe presented is quite simply captivating, and will have you hooked from the moment you dive into the world of ancient shrines and ninja warriors. Read More.

I Heart Geeks! Preview (DS)

By Christopher Seal ()

I Heart Geeks is a soon to be released puzzle game for the DS that takes full advantage of the platform's unique touch screen. This game will remind older gamers of the early 90's game 'The Incredible Machine'. Although this game seems to be geared towards younger children with its cartoon graphics and geeks vs. Read More.

E3 2009: Dragon Age: Origins Preview (PC)

By Daniel Acaba ()

It's really not that hard to see that Bioware makes some of the greatest roleplaying games to grace gamers' shelves. With a resume that includes Baldur's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic and Neverwinter Nights the quality titles that this one compay manages to churn out are staggering. Read More.

E3 2009: Warriors Orochi 2 Preview (PSP)

By Daniel Acaba ()

I'm sure that plenty of you are reading this and exclaiming "Not another Dynasty Warriors based game!" Well that might be the case but this one is definitely one of the few that seems to have things right. One of the main complaints with these sorts of games is that they're somewhat repetitive. Read More.

E3 2009: Blur Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

Perhaps Bizarre Creations got bored with making simulation style racers. Maybe they just wanted to give a big middle finger to the Forza Motorsports and Gran Turismos of the world. How else do you explain Blur, a new racer that brings realistic handling and combines with crazy weapons and over the top theatrics. Read More.

E3 2009: Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games Preview (Wii)

By Daniel Acaba ()

It's kind of strange that Mario and Sonic haven't entered into some bloody brawl by now. Those two mascots have been at it for years and even with the fall of Nintendo as a console maker these two still can't properly get along. Having "friendly" competitions in Smash Bros and competing in Olympic game are keeping that rivalry going strong and it's only a matter of time before things finally explode. Read More.

E3 2009: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Preview (Wii)

By Daniel Acaba ()

When I first heard that Climax studios were once again developing a game in the Silent Hill franchise I have to admit that a part of me froze up in fear. Silent Hill: Origins isn't exactly one of my favorite games. Indeed I actually prefer Silent Hill 4: The Room to the prequel story simply based on the gameplay mechanics. Read More.

E3 2009: Monster Racers Preview (DS)

By Daniel Acaba ()

First introduced at the Tokyo Game Show Monster Racer has kind of flown beneath pretty much everyone's radars. However at this years E3 we managed to get our hands on a copy of this quirky little racing title and it definitely shows promise. It's an interesting experience, especially for a DS title, but there is plenty of promise for both young and old gamers in the title. Read More.

E3 2009: Torchlight Preview (PC)

By Nicholas Bale ()

If you've heard of Mythos or Fate, two games from recent years, you may know about Torchlight, developed by Runic. Tucked away in a quite booth in the West Hall of E3, I found this game that I had heard about before, but very little about. Read More.

E3 2009: Heroes of Telara Preview (PC)

By Kristine Greaves ()

Trion World Network's first game is a very ambitious massively-multiplayer online fantasy game known as Heroes of Telara. Trion has developed a game that is mostly server-based with the aim to create and maintain and massively social gaming experience. Because the game is mostly server-side, it takes advantage of technology to enable large numbers of players to be in the same area at the same time without lag issues. Read More.

E3 2009: Robocalypse: Beaver Defense Preview (Wii)

By Daniel Acaba ()

Attention! Men I've got some bad news for the sorry lot of you! Those damned beavers are trying to take the southern front again so we're going to have to do something about it! Now you're going to get your sorry robotic behinds out there and turn those little critters into smoldering scrap heaps! Do I make myself clear? Read More.