In an unprecedented move, Nintendo has decided to release a new Zelda game exclusively for the PS3. Wait a second, let me check that... Silicon Studio, that's not how you spell Nintendo.

All kidding aside, if you're a fan of any Zelda game, you're going to love 3D Dot Heroes. Now when I say that it's a lot like Zelda, this isn't meant as a bad thing, I just wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't note the comparisons. But more to the point, 3D Dot Heroes is more an homage to the great Zelda games of past and present consoles and represents what made gaming in the late 80's and early 90's so great. Published by Atlus, known for their hit success Demon's Souls and other jRPGs, you expect a high quality product, and they definitely deliver.

3D Dot Heroes is a throw back to earlier Zelda games with a top down view (although it can be adjusted) with a highly stylized, almost Lego like appearance. Throw in some 8bitesque music and you have yourself a winner. You are a hero in the Kingdom of Dotnia, which underwent a drastic transformation from 2D to 3D. 3D Dot Heroes does not have any one hero you play as, rather you can select your avatar and name him or her whatever you'd like. The selection of heroes range from Santa Clause to a Shark, and the game also includes an editor to create your own hero.

Long ago in Dotnia there was a dark king who brought fear and chaos to the lands. Eventually a hero arose who captured the dark king. This hero just happens to be your grandfather, so that same heroic blood flows through your veins. Years have passed but now a dark bishop, known as Fuelle wishes to set loose the evil powers of the dark king once again. Fuelle has stolen the orb which holds this dark king captive and has sinister plans. Your job is too explore the land of Dotnia finding the six sages who hold the orbs of power, which you'll need to defeat the dark bishop. You will travel from desert to waterside paradise in search of these orbs encountering all sorts of pixelated enemies along the way.

To help you combat these foes you will be equipped with a legendary sword that once belonged to your grandfather. This sword gives new meaning to the line "mine's bigger than yours". Suffice to say you'll have a blast slashing at enemies, uncovering secret hillside caves and hunting down the evil bishop Fuelle. Combat is extremely similar to Zelda games and is a cinch to pick up and get use to. Slash at your enemies with your oversized sword, throw bombs to destroy walls, and use a hook to reach previously isolated areas. Along with this familiar combat you will encounter the occasional puzzle to solve and some of the temples will have you running from floor to floor trying to figure out the labyrinth layout.

If you're a fan of Zelda games or simply enjoy retro style gaming, 3D Dot Heroes is a game for you. Finally out for release in North America on May 11th be sure to check out this game exclusively for the PS3.