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Saints Row 2 Multiplayer Preview (X360)

By Shawn Snider ()

Saints Row was one of the breakout releases of 2006, one of the first "open-world" action-adventure games on the next-generation consoles. Being a new franchise, against all odds it managed to hold its own against the gaming behemoth of the Grand Theft Auto series. Read More.

LittleBigPlanet Hands-on Preview (PS3)

By Andrew Sztein ()

How does one go about describing a game like LittleBigPlanet? There's certainly nothing else like it in any medium. What Sony is touting as the next big thing may very well come to pass, as LittleBigPlanet gives players power over the game world unlike any wielded by a controller, DualShock or otherwise. Read More.

E3 2008: Madworld Impressions (Wii)

By Andrew Sztein ()

I have good news for those hardcore gamers whose Wiis have been gathering dust as casual game after casual game continue to flood the poor waggle machine. Madworld is on its way, and this M rated beauty is as hardcore as it gets. Read More.

X'08 Canada: Gears of War 2 Impressions (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

Joining the ranks of the Halo franchise as one of Microsoft's golden Xbox eggs, Gears of War 2 is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year. At this year's X'08 show in Toronto, we sat down with the artist formerly known as CliffyB to get some hands on time with both the single and multiplayer modes. Read More.

X'08 Canada: TNA iMPACT! Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

One of the more anticipated titles emanating from Midway's booth at X'08 is TNA's first foray into the world of video gaming. The WWE and THQ have had quite a monopoly for the past few years being able to churn out titles annually. There has been a void of serious competition to wrestle (no pun intended) the crowds of wrestling and gaming fanatics towards something else. Read More.

E3 2008: Killzone 2 Preview (PS3)

By Andrew Sztein ()

Ever since Killzone 2 was demoed at E3 2005, skeptics and fans alike have been clamouring for proof that the pre-rendered video on display was actually possible. After getting some hands on time with the game at E3 2008, we can say that Guerrilla software has managed to come closer to that lofty goal than anybody could have possibly imagined. Read More.

E3 2008: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

Star Wars and I have always had something of a love-hate relationship. The truly great titles in the franchise such as Tie Fighter and Knights of the Old Republic stand tall in comparison to the best of the films. Conversely, the worst of the games are such a big load of bantha poodoo that it makes me long for JarJar Binks' mind numbing voice just for a change of pace. Read More.

E3 2008: Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff Preview (DS)

By Andrew Sztein ()

Those who are fortunate enough to have grown up with the original Nintendo Entertainment System are bound to have played Tecmo Bowl. The series was the game that originally put video game football on the map, and this was before John Madden stuck his ugly mug on every EA football game. Read More.

Multiwinia Preview (PC)

By Nicholas Bale ()

In 2005, a small Indie developer by the name of Introversion released a game called Darwinia. It was unique in its style, if not for its gameplay as well, where you had to take control of a massive computer system, home to programmed creatures called Darwinians, in order to fight back a massive virus invasion. Read More.

City Life DS Preview (DS)

By Andrew Sztein ()

Ever since the release of Will Wright's seminal Sim City franchise in the 1980's, the gaming public has been infatuated with the sandbox joys of building a city from the ground up, watching it grow into a metropolis, and then smashing it to the ground with a variety of disasters. Read More.

E3 2008: Rock Band 2 Preview (X360)

By Andrew Sztein ()

While wandering the halls of this year's E3, it became quickly apparent that everyone and their sister is jumping on the musical games bandwagon. While Rock Band was the only option for a full band experience at this time last year, this year we saw no less than a half dozen music games set to replicate the band experience on various platforms. Read More.

E3 2008: This is Vegas Preview (PS3)

By Isabel Jarvo ()

For those of you who love to game and gamble, but hate to fly, Midway has a solution; The up-and-coming This Is Vegas.

The object of the game is to build up your reputation within Las Vegas by performing various tasks around town. Your rival is the industrious Preston Boyer, a kind of Donald-Trump-meets-Martha-Stewart entrepreneur who wants to turn Vegas into a family friendly kind of place, and you're out to stop him in a sandbox-style replication of Las Vegas. Read More.