Ever since Killzone 2 was demoed at E3 2005, skeptics and fans alike have been clamouring for proof that the pre-rendered video on display was actually possible. After getting some hands on time with the game at E3 2008, we can say that Guerrilla software has managed to come closer to that lofty goal than anybody could have possibly imagined.

Obviously, the first thing we noticed about the Killzone demo is how insanely good the graphics were. Environments are detailed, lived in, and destructible. The weapons models are so detailed it seems like you could reach into your TV and grab one. Guerrilla promises that the game will run at 720p at 30 frames a second. This was easily the graphical showcase to end them all at E3.

The game takes place directly after the events of Killzone: Liberation for the PSP. The evil Helghast race have made off with a huge stack of nuclear weapons, and have set up shop on their home planet. While the previous Killzone titles have taken place on neutral territory or ISA worlds, this time the ISA is taking the fight to Helghan. The game begins with a massive aerial assault as seen in the latest real time trailer. It seems that the Helghast have found a strange new source of power derived from the planet itself, so the ISA is tasked with capturing the Helghast capital city.

Those looking for tools of destruction will be happy to wield the twelve tools of destruction on display here. The arsenal is varied, but still includes the standard assault rifles, shotguns, and flame throwers. Guerrilla is promising a few extra surprises in this area as well.

Multiplayer is a huge focus of the Killzone 2 experience, and there is a large variety of games types and modes available. Competitive multiplayer will feature up to 32 players in both free for all and squad based modes, with a class based system. There will also be objective based assault modes which will demand teamwork and co-ordination between teams. Players will be given badges of honour for proficiency in different classes such as medic or heavy armour. The game will also undoubtedly support Sony's new trophy system. Finally, there will also be co-op support for the game, although it is unclear whether the co-op mode will be split-screen or online only.

While the game played great at E3 and seemed nearly ready for release. Guerrilla seems to be taking the heavy hype for the title to heart, and is ensuring that the game is as polished as possible for a February 2009 release. Killzone 2 picked up GamingExcellence's choice for Best Graphics and Best Overall PlayStation 3 game of show.