Day one, E3 2010. Doors just opened and our first appointment of the day was with SEGA. We're asked "Is there anything specific you'd like to see?", we responded "Show us what you got!". And show us they did. By the end of day one several people were already saying Vanquish deserved to be nominated for several awards. Pretty impressive considering there were literally hundred of games on the show floor.

So, you may or may not have heard of Vanquish before now, no problem, we will give you the run down and get you excited for this game. Vanquish's creator is Shinji Mikami, yes, that's right, the man behind Resident Evil. Vanquish is set in the future where, cliche time, the United States and Russia are at war. The Americans have created a space station to help capture solar energy, and those sneaky Russians took control of the platform and destroyed San Francisco. Clearly revenge is in order, as you, playing as Sam Gideon, along with your battle suit, have been tasked with reclaiming the station, preventing the destruction of New York City and of course, striking back.

Vanquish is a third person sci-fi shooter that at first glance is something like a blend of Lost Planet and Gears of War. Cover is, as with most games, important, and you'll have a large arsenal of weapons at your disposal. As the game goes on, your weapons morph and adapt so that the same gun can feel quite different. Along side this your ARS suit also has some nifty abilities such as slowing down time, moving quicker and other abilities to gain an advantage over your enemy.

The demo on the show floor saw us entering an area, filled with enemies orbiting earth in the American space station. Once these enemies were taken out we encountered a boss fight which tasked us with manoeuvring around the environment, picking up ammo, taking out reinforcements and slowly taking out the giant robot. From what was shown, it is clear Vanquish has top notch visuals, the weapons were enjoyable to use and the explosions were a sight to behold. The trick to finally taking out the boss was using your suit's ability to slow down time and pinpointing specific areas on the large robot, destroying it piece by piece.

If the demonstration was any indication, Vanquish should be a fast paced, beautiful and destructive game, which hopefully can break through the problems most Japanese shooters have when compared to western made games. To help with this, all the attention is being focused on the single player campaign, that means there will be no multiplayer component. Hopefully though you'll be having so much fun kicking ass in space that this will be a non-issue.

Vanquish is set to come out for the PS3 and 360 and is slated to hit store shelves October 2010.