The Call of Duty series, still going strong, is coming out with another title early this November. Call of Duty: Black Ops is set in the late 60s and early 70s, and is about a group of people who don't exist. You'll be playing as part of a special forces group during the Cold War that does things no one knows about, becoming heroes that no one's heard about. We were told that there'd be single and multiplayer, as well as a co-op mode, though we were only shown a portion of the single player, which concerns your group hunting down a Russian general known to be aiding enemies of the United States (and, as it was hinted, might be part of something bigger).

The new level shown to us, called Victor Charlie, began with the crashing of a helicopter containing members of the SOG (Special Operations Group) in Vietnam. Taking down enemies, making your way through enemy-filled villages, and stealthily taking down enemy in their bed was all par for the course, ending with a darkness-filled crawl through small underground tunnels before ending with a fade to black.

The game looks extremely familiar to anyone who's played the more recent Call of Duty games, and with good reason, as the technology in the game is similar. A very cinematic presentation was present throughout the entire level, feeling much more like you're playing through a movie than anything else. And with well-defined and lit-up objectives, there looked like there'd be no issue with running in circles in a jungle trying to figure out where you're going next.

Though the presentation was short, what was shown looked good for the next Call of Duty title. Whether it's enough to fill the very, very large shoes of its predecessors has yet to be determined, but this one certainly has a shot.