I'm sure that plenty of you are reading this and exclaiming "Not another Dynasty Warriors based game!" Well that might be the case but this one is definitely one of the few that seems to have things right. One of the main complaints with these sorts of games is that they're somewhat repetitive. But honestly that's not the biggest issue that this writer has noticed over the years of playing these titles.

The main problem is that they aren't on handhelds more often. These are the sorts of games that would do well on a handheld since that lets you digest them in small doses while doing other things. Luckily Koei seems to have caught wind of this and is releasing a ridiculously upgraded port of Warriors Orochi 2 for the PSP.

Calling this a port is almost doing it a disservice thanks to all of the stuff that they've added to the title. How does ninety-six different characters to choose from sound to you? What really took us by surprise is how smoothly the game runs. Warriors Orochi 2 looks really good even by PSP standards and with how many enemies you can see onscreen at once it's pretty amazing that it runs as well as it does. Even better is that Koei has managed to reduce the load times to an almost negligible degree by including an install function on the handheld.

The game plays pretty much how you would expect it to but there have been a number of decisions. There are twelve more dream scenarios to play around with to help keep you busy longer. What was really interesting is that they've finally listened to fan requests and have put in both English and Japanese voice over's for the title. Last, but not least, is the addition of two player ad-hoc with both dream and versus mode options. The Versus mode almost sounds like the original Dynasty Warriors fighting game which is a pretty awesome inclusion.

Warriors Orochi 2 is one of the few recent titles in these long running series to have me excited to play it. The idea of having a game with as much variety and content as this for when you're on the road or going to work is very interesting. When this lands on August 25th be sure to pick yourself up a copy if you have even the remotest interest in these games.