I Heart Geeks is a soon to be released puzzle game for the DS that takes full advantage of the platform's unique touch screen. This game will remind older gamers of the early 90's game 'The Incredible Machine'. Although this game seems to be geared towards younger children with its cartoon graphics and geeks vs. bully theme, the mechanics and puzzles are anything but easy. The game is separated by four different geeks who specialize in four different fields, Gases, Mechanics, Electricity and Optics. Your goal is to learn the quirks of each game mechanic, (such as the laser or spring board), and use them to complete each level and eventually capture those evil bullies who are out to get you.

This is the type of game that is best played in short periods; when you just want to play a game for a couple of minutes or when you are on the bus coming home from work. You will definitely have to use your brain to beat the levels and considerable thought will have to be put in to each mechanic and how they work. For example, if you have to hit a switch to turn on a light, there may be a balloon that you can pop. If you are able to pop the balloon, the broken remnants will fall to the ground and hit the switch turning on the light. It is these great little touches that make the game challenging but also rewarding.

Puzzles can range from relatively easy to insanely difficult but with the games built in hint mechanic, you will never get stuck. Obviously, using these hints comes at a price and you will not be rewarded any points at the end of any level in which you use a hint.

The game presents you with a relatively simple layout, a screen to select your items you wish to use and a puzzle screen where the layout of the puzzle takes place. There are some short in game cartoon videos but they are rather sporadic and merely show your geek friends running from the bullies. The game does offer local Multiplayer but one can only speculate what will be offered when you are playing a preview build without anyone to compete with. A good guess would be some sort of competitive mode where two players race to complete the puzzle in the fastest time. Another possibility would be weekly puzzles released for download over Wi-Fi.

If you are looking for a well polished game that puts to use the DS's unique touch screen this game is for you. Set to ship later this year, puzzle fans will enjoy this game as real thought is needed to complete each level and finally solving the challenge is a reward in itself.