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Back to Back Blackhawks Covers for EA's NHL Franchise.

By Warren Dunlop ()

Totally called it.

Standing in the non-labelled EA room on the E3 floor, I had a quick discussion with fellow media about the new features of the game and of course who was going to be featured on the cover. He was insisting EA would never tap into Blackhawks line-up twice in a row, but I was positive that Toews was the obvious choice. Read More.

Eepmon Featured in Xbox 360 Ads

By Warren Dunlop ()

Xbox 360 Austria is in collaboration with Eric Chan (aka eepmon) for a new ad campaign featuring four Xbox 360 themes (Blockbuster Games, Music, Sports and Family). Eric is a recent graduate from the Interactive Multimedia and Design course at Carleton University, located right here in Ottawa. Read More.

Def Leppard Jumps on the Guitar Hero Bandwagon

By Warren Dunlop ()

We've been told Def Leppard has partnered with Activision to release an epic three-song track pack for Guitar Hero III. The pack will give fans an exclusive opportunity to sample the band’s #1 new radio single, “Nine Lives,” five days before their upcoming studio album Songs from the Sparkle Lounge releases on April, 29, 2008. Read More.

Motley Crue Releasing a New Single Via Rock Band

By Warren Dunlop ()

Harmonix and MTV Games announced today that Motley Crue will be the first band ever to release a new single via Rock Band. "Saints of Los Angelas" is from the upcoming Motley Crue album and will be released April 15th (that's tomorrow for those on the ball on mondays) on Xbox Live Marketplace, and April 17th on the PLAYSTATION Store. Read More.

Guitar Hero III + Wii = Mono Sound Only?

By Warren Dunlop ()

May be another "Oops'"for Activision it seems. Wii and Guitar Hero forums all over the interweb are squawking about the proof provided on GamePlanet forums that states Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Nintendo Wii has been shipped in only mono sound. This could be a huge problem for Activision folks, just in case you hadn't realized that by now, as Guitar Hero III is supposed to support Dolby Pro Logic II sound. Read More.

Spore May Be Delayed Indefinitely

By Warren Dunlop ()

The latest Game Informer reports that Spore has been "delayed indefinitely." Electronic Arts says that "Spore has slipped out of fiscal 08 and into fiscal 09". Either way you want to look at it, the end result means its not coming soon. Read More.

Wii Internet Channel Soon To Be a Pay-Per-Download Service

By Warren Dunlop ()

The forecast channel, the news channel, and of course the Internet channel have expanded the Wii's online experience beyond what most thought to be possible, and can entertain for hours. With the custom Wii Opera browser, all of the aforementioned give Wii gamers something to do outside of gaming, and who knew how fun scanning the globe for different weather info could be so fun? Read More.

Toad's Tool 64: A Mario 64 Level Editor

By Warren Dunlop ()

VL-Tone over at Qubed Studios is taking responsibility for the release of a public beta of Toad's Tool 64, a level editor for Mario 64. Documentation will be heading in a couple of days for those that are lost in haze of Goomba's. Finally, you can extend your childhood gameplay for you and your friends, making your own levels to explore and conquer. Read More.

Call of Duty 4 'Bog Rescue' Gameplay Video

By Warren Dunlop ()

Until we have video capabilities here at GamingExcellence, we'll have to send you elsewhere for the coolest new trailers and stuff.

Infinity Ward recently released an official gameplay video for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The video shows even though this Call Of Duty game is in a new "era", the game still holds true to it's Call of Duty roots. Read More.

Wii Manhunt II is Hitting the Florida Courts Early

By Warren Dunlop ()

Take-Two Interactive has already filed suit to prevent activist attorney Jack Thompson from disrupting its planned releases of Grand Theft Auto IV and Manhunt 2. Thompson counter-sued and the pair settled, leaving Thompson unable to sue to stop the distribution of Take-Twos games. Read More.

Fallout 3 Confirmed for Fall

By Warren Dunlop ()

As you may or may not know already, Fallout 3 will be hitting the shelves come this fall. All the details as per its release are quickly surfacing, including an official trailer this Tuesday, and confirmation of the console versions on both 360 and PS3 yesterday. Read More.