May be another "Oops'"for Activision it seems. Wii and Guitar Hero forums all over the interweb are squawking about the proof provided on GamePlanet forums that states Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for the Nintendo Wii has been shipped in only mono sound. This could be a huge problem for Activision folks, just in case you hadn't realized that by now, as Guitar Hero III is supposed to support Dolby Pro Logic II sound.

Although no official statement has been issued, it seems like everyone is agreeing with the situation. Personally I've only tested the Xbox 360 version and thus cannot come to any conclusion, but I know for sure that if it is true that I feel bad for the guy I saw all happy to grab his copy at EBgames yesterday. Simply put, nothing runs on mono sound anymore, especially not a video game in the music genre. Single-channel audio is almost a crime when you're trying to rock out!

Gamers on are all pitching in with the same reply of "Me too." We can only hope this is a bug within the Wii version that can be rectified with a simple patch update. If it isn't, there will be a lot of bummed out rockers.