Activision's senior brand manager, David Tyler, revealed at a recent press event that the European release date for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is likely to be November 9th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

This could mean yet another giant release just in time for this holiday season. COD4 will surely stand above many as well, and it's quite a slip to make for such a media giant release. But none the less this is the UK release and is in PAL format, so the fans over here in Canada and North America alike are still standing in the dark without a confirmed date. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been stirring up the hype lately, with an amazing trailer, some great screens, and a quick gameplay movie. Activision also has a website up here. The previously World War II based series has gone modern and the game's intense physical action and depiction of modern warfare has spiked a lot of interest.

Eurogamer has claimed that UK reps would only confirm the release date as fourth quater of 2007. If the day does turn up to be true, look for COD4 in North America on November 6 or November 13 (the two closest Tuesdays to the date mentioned as games and movies are most often released on Tuesdays). Now of course this is still considered a rumour as US and UK Activision reps will not confirm, but apparently the date looks like it's plausible as reported by Gamespot:

"The game looked nearly done at Microsoft's press conference at E3. Secondly, every Call of Duty game has been released in late October or early November. Third, the game is already in beta in North America. Fourth, online retailers such as GameStop are listing the game as coming out the first week in November. Lastly--and most importantly--Call of Duty 4 will probably come out in early November simply because it can."

My own two cents to add in: GTA4 has been delayed to 2008, so what better way to keep money coming in by getting COD4 out the door! Keep your eye out this next couple weeks for a confirmed date.