As you may or may not know already, Fallout 3 will be hitting the shelves come this fall. All the details as per its release are quickly surfacing, including an official trailer this Tuesday, and confirmation of the console versions on both 360 and PS3 yesterday. Its been ten years since Fallout 2 was released, meaning fans are more than ready to jump back on the Fallout bandwagon. Be sure to check out the trailer .

Fallout 3 is reportedly going to have a new spin compared to previous PC Fallouts and the previous console flop, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. GI magazine has claimed that Bethesda's goal has been to "reinvent" the RPG, which was originally a top-down turn-based title, into an all-new "open-ended RPG." Both Fallouts thus far have offered open-ended gameplay with plenty of side quests inside a large, linear storyline similar to Oblivion.

Most fans are looking forward to Fallout 3 being an "Oblivion with Mutants," but this has not yet been confirmed by Bethesda. But they have reported that Fallout 3 will run on the GameBryo engine, which powers Elder Scrolls IV. However, those who had hoped for an isometric, turn-based RPG like the first two Fallouts got a look at what might have been this week, courtesy of some leaked Van Buren footage.