Until we have video capabilities here at GamingExcellence, we'll have to send you elsewhere for the coolest new trailers and stuff.

Infinity Ward recently released an official gameplay video for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The video shows even though this Call Of Duty game is in a new "era", the game still holds true to it's Call of Duty roots. It's got me excited, that's for sure.

It does a great job of showing the modernesque warfare, including guns, armor, aircraft, and gadgets like night-vision and laser sights. The levels look packed with action and the visuals are sure to compete with similar sub-genre names like Rainbow Six. It's all in Pre-Alpha, which is Pre-Pre-Pre-Bata to those who don't know what alpha is. This means two things, it's really not complete yet so were going to have to wait awhile, and its going to be amazing if this is what Pre-Alpha is like.

Check it out here. But be sure to come back, we get lonely up here in Canada.