VL-Tone over at Qubed Studios is taking responsibility for the release of a public beta of Toad's Tool 64, a level editor for Mario 64. Documentation will be heading in a couple of days for those that are lost in haze of Goomba's. Finally, you can extend your childhood gameplay for you and your friends, making your own levels to explore and conquer.

Of course there are a lot of SMB hacks floating around the web already, so Toad's Tool 64 just seems to be the logical advancement. It won't take long to make a giant database to keep you playing Mario 64 until the day you fall down a gaping hole and get game over. I wonder if you can use that monkey that hops all over the place? I'm sure someone will create a level or two like this

Keep an eye on the Qubed Studios blog for further updates, and download Toad's Tool for Windows or Mac OSX here.

Special Thanks to AaronLinde at destructoid.com