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Increased Difficulty Modes Announced For DmC

By Chris Moore ()

There are some difficulty modes that can test the limits of any player's skills, but the upcoming DmC may have just one upped everything else out there.

Capcom announced, on their blog,  the modes players can choose to play through on the upcoming title.  First there are the standard Easy, Normal, and Hard (Human, Devil Hunter and Nephilim) difficulties to choose from. Read More.

G4 cancels X-Play and Attack of the Show

By Chris Moore ()

G4 has cancelled both X-Play and Attack of the Show; two main staples in the G4 lineup. It was reported earlier in the year that G4 would be rebranding itself, moving away from geek culture.  While Attack of the Show reported on all things geek culture, ranging from internet videos and new technology from around the world, X-Play's focus was on all things video games. Read More.

The Last of Us getting comic book tie-in

By Chris Moore ()

In hopes to prepare people for the upcoming Naughty Dog title, The Last of Us, Dark Horse Comics will be releasing a comic book tie-in for the game.

Called, The Last of Us: American Dreams, the series will be a prequel to the game and focus on the early years Ellie and go into her back story. Read More.

Nihlistic Software reorganizing their company

By Chris Moore ()

Nihlistic Software will be changing its entire company outlook as well as the company name itself.

The studio announced today on their website that they will no longer be making games for retail box releases and will instead focus on downloadable, online and mobile games. Read More.

Mass Effect 3: Omega Announced

By Chris Moore ()

BioWare has revealed the next piece of single player DLC for Mass Effect 3.

Called Mass Effect 3: Omega, the name and description of the content seems to stem back from Aria comments about wanting to get back to her club Omega and it seems she will finally seek out Commander Shepard for his help to reclaim it from Cerberus control. Read More.

Rockstar Games Collection Announced

By Chris Moore ()

Rockstar Games will be packaging four of their critically acclaimed games into one handy collection.

The company announced yesterday the Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1.  The collection will come with Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition. Read More.

Mechromancer DLC available today

By Chris Moore ()

Gearbox has surprised Borderlands 2 players by releasing the Mechromancer character early.

Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, confirmed on Twitter this morning that the DLC character will be ready for download on all platforms by the end of the day. Read More.

Cliff Bleszinski Leaves Epic Games

By Chris Moore ()

Epic Games has just announced that Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director of Epic Games, has left the company.

"In my 10 years of working with Cliff, his passion for creating video games of the highest quality has been unflinching." said Dr. Michael Capps, Epic Games President in a blog post. Read More.

Bethesda Opens Battlecry Studios

By Chris Moore ()

Bethesda announced today they are opening a new studio as part of the ZeniMax family.

Called Battlecry Studios, the new studio is headed up by Rich Vogel, who worked on such titles as Ultima Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic. The studio is located in Austin, Texas. Read More.

Ubisoft Reveals Assassin's Creed III DLC

By Chris Moore ()

The game isn't even out yet, but Ubisoft has already revealed DLC plans for Assassin's Creed III.

Today, Ubisoft announced that a season pass will be available for Assassin's Creed III and will unlock all five upcoming DLC packs. The pack will contain a three episode arc entitled "The Tyranny of King Washington" Read More.

Microsoft Unveils Prizes For Achievement Scores

By Chris Moore ()

Microsoft today unveiled MyAchievement, a new system that will be integrated into Xbox Live.

With MyAchievement, players Achievement Score will now unlock tiers of rewards for gamers.  Players with a score between 3,000 and 9,999 are in the Contender tier and will be able to receive a special gift during their birthday month. Read More.

NBA Live 13 Canceled

By Chris Moore ()

EA Sports has canceled NBA Live 13.  The news comes from Andrew Wilson, EA Sports Executive Vice President.

"After a lot of consideration, we have made the decision to not launch NBA LIVE 13." said Wilson on EA Sports website. Read More.

Mass Effect Trilogy Announced

By Chris Moore ()

BioWare today unveiled the Mass Effect Trilogy bundle, effectively bringing the first Mass Effect to the PlayStation 3.

The bundle will be a 5-disc set and come in a Premium Foil Box as well as exclusive artwork. Read More.

Mark of the Ninja coming to Steam

By Chris Moore ()

PC gamers, if you were feeling left out about playing the game Mark of the Ninja, Klei Entertainment has news for you.

The developer announced today that the XBLA title will be making its way to Steam next month. Read More.