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E3 2013: Xbox Press Conference Recap

By Chris Moore ()

Every gamer in the world was pretty much disappointed by the reveal of Microsoft's next gen console: The Xbox One. However, today Microsoft pretty much made a statement today with their press conference: Read More.

Omerta: City of Gangsters Interview

By Chris Moore ()

In San Francisco there is a building, dark, but seemingly average on the outside.  You go to the door and you are let into a small and quaint bar.  Give the greeter at the door the correct password and she opens up a bookcase that lets you into another bar; a virtual speakeasy of our times, an establishment that hasn't been popular since Prohibition. Read More.

The Top 10 Game Ending Songs

By Chris Moore ()

For most people, beating a game is rewarded with a ending cutscene or in the case of Metal Gear Solid 4, a 90 minute movie. I'm not complaining about either really.  With the game over, the threat is dealt with.  The crisis has been averted.  However I don't just stop with the closing movie. Read More.