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Forza Motorsport 4 Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

It is perhaps fitting if not unsurprising that one of the first demonstrations attendees to Microsoft's X'11 show in Toronto saw upon entering was a powerhouse Xbox 360 exclusive title. What made Forza Motorsport 4's demonstration notable was that it showed something that upon first glance could change the way gamers decide which cars they choose to drive or collect in the game. Read More.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

EA Sports had no shortages of titles on display at X'11. Its staple franchises were well represented in Madden 12, NHL 12 and FIFA 12. Another potential franchise in the making; Grand Slam Tennis 2 looked like it could hold its own amongst EA Sports' heavyweights. Read More.

NHL 12 Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

EA Sports showcased its latest iteration of its long-time standing hockey game at X'11 and with 2k Sports taking a year off with their NHL 2k series, gamers will have to settle with the most successful hockey video game franchise to get their fix. Read More.

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009 Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

There are only a few things you can consistently look forward to every year; doing your taxes, getting a year older; and that dreaded annual checkup. Then there are the finer things in life like video games to help chase away those yearly blues. While it is a given to expect a new EA sports title, a Tony Hawk game, and about half a dozen Sims 2 expansion sets a year; the Smackdown series has been successfully churning out new titles in the series without fail every November. Read More.

X'08 Canada: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

We all now Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive but can he hold his own against the Thunder God Raiden? Batman has ruled the box office this summer and seems virtually unstoppable to criminals and do-gooders alike but what if Sub-Zero vacationed in Gotham City? Read More.

X'08 Canada: TNA iMPACT! Preview (X360)

By Avi Krebs ()

One of the more anticipated titles emanating from Midway's booth at X'08 is TNA's first foray into the world of video gaming. The WWE and THQ have had quite a monopoly for the past few years being able to churn out titles annually. There has been a void of serious competition to wrestle (no pun intended) the crowds of wrestling and gaming fanatics towards something else. Read More.