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E3 2011: EA Press Conference: Recap

By Rick Poulin ()

EA unveiled its 2011 lineup earlier this afternoon, and two themes permeated the presentation. The first, is that EA is strongly pushing its new Origin distribution platform, repeatedly stating that all the trailers shown are available now for viewing on origin. Read More.

E3 2011: Sony Press Conference: Recap

By Rick Poulin ()

Sony started off the night with a long apology for the PSN debacle, and then promptly moved on to business.

The show really started off when Uncharted 3 came up on the 70-foot screen, in glorious 3D HD. And it looked fantastic. Uncharted 3 takes the grandiose flair of theatricality one step further, this time by showing us a boat, rocking in a violent sea. Read More.

E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference: Recap

By Rick Poulin ()

As Microsoft's annual press conference concludes, gamers everywhere are probably left wondering whether the Xbox will ever feature a game without Kinect support ever again. This is a far cry from last year, when the Kinect was largely a side note to the conference, a fact further emphasized by lacklustre Kinect games on the E3 show floor. Read More.

Activision shakes up E3 with new "preview event" format

By Rick Poulin ()

Long before the show started, there were rumours that Activision's preview event was going to be less "press conference" and more "party" than most. That said, most pre-E3 events typically contain some degree of useful information for gamers and the journalists present on their behalf. Read More.

Shigeru Miyamoto Makes Surprise Appearance at Developer Roundtable Event

By Rick Poulin ()

When I sat in on Nintendo's Developer Roundtable event late today amongst a select few members of the press, there wasn't a single thought in my mind that could have predicted what happened next. As host Tim Leary, of the Nintendo Treehouse, announced who our guest would be and he walked through the door, I witnessed the sound of roughly 80 jaws hitting the concrete floor. Read More.

E3 2009: Sony Press Conference Recap

By Rick Poulin ()

Sony kicked off its E3 show at the Shrine Auditorium this morning in downtown Los Angeles. We already knew they were coming to E3 with a packed portfolio, but the list of games was quite simply overwhelming at 364 games for PlayStation platforms this year alone, including 35 exclusives. Read More.

E3 2009: Nintendo Press Conference Recap

By Rick Poulin ()

It's another foggy sunrise in Los Angeles this morning, and the world's gaming press is up at the crack of dawn to head over to the Nokia Plaza for Nintendo's briefing. Somebody clearly forgot to remind the organizers that the average gamer is not a morning person. Read More.

E3 2009: EA Press Conference Recap

By Rick Poulin ()

Electronic Arts has so many games to showcase this year (40+ in fact), it's only natural that they'd try to give us an overview. However, there's only so much you can fit into a two hour window, and EA's choices were questionable. The game overviews seemed rushed, with most nothing more than pre-rendered trailers. Read More.

E3 2009: Microsoft Press Conference Recap

By Rick Poulin ()

Hundreds of gaming media reporters gathered in downtown Los Angeles this morning at the USC campus to kick off E3 at the Microsoft Press Conference. It was immediately clear from the throngs lined up outside the Galen Center that this was the place to be. As we all waited in anticipation, green crop circles danced around the glowing green stage and on ginormous monitors. Read More.

Godzilla Unleashed Q&A

By Rick Poulin ()

We recently had an opportunity touch base with Shelby Wills, a producer at Pipeworks. She was able to answer a few of our questions about the upcoming release, Godzilla Unleashed. Read More.