[12:27] Already a step up from last year! #nowhiterobes
[12:29] It's starting!
[12:32] Demo Glitch #1: "please reconnect controller" :D ("accidental"?)
[12:33] Snazzy looking Modern Warfare 3 demo, using an underwater scuba. No action yet...?
[12:36] MW3 demo has an interesting backdrop: a destroyed Manhattan, although the Freedom Tower is built and intact.
[12:40] MW3: wow, that's some nice graphics. *drool* Must say, impressed with the action sequences for a FPS.
[12:42] Don Mattrick doing a long-winded intro, while everybody's thinking "show me more"
[12:44] New Tomb Raider demo, looks a lot like Uncharted...
[12:48] 4 minutes in, and we're already tired of hearing Lara Croft's annoying whimpers. Looks like she ran out of bravery on the last title.
[12:50] Kinect integration with 4 EA Sports titles: Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Madden NFL, FIFA, and another not announcing yet (MLB?)
[12:51] Mass Effect 3 will also support Kinect for voice recognition. [queue demo]
[12:54] Voice recognition boils down to "conversing" by reading out dialog choices on-screen text?
[12:55] Also recognizes voice commands like "move up." Seems to work fairly well but how much of that is pre-tested and half-scripted?
[12:56] Transition to "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier" showing a trailer more than gameplay (so far..).
[12:58] Demo with Ghost Recon, showing how it has movement and voice recognition. Showing gun selection "Minority Report" style.
[12:59] Interface can be used to tear apart weapons and switch out tons of pieces, "allowing for over 20 million combinations".
[12:59] Also has voice commands like "optimize for close combat" and "randomize".
[1:00] Actual gameplay seems unintuitive.. yes, he can bring up the scope and shoot without a controller, but waving a hand in the air is not how I'd normally think of bringing the scope into view.
[1:02] New voice control of Xbox interface; dashboard update categorizing Xbox's features as more of a media platform.
[1:05] Bing search integration from the dashboard, to find additional entertainment. Search for additional Xbox titles, or movies, using voice commands.
[1:06] Xbox LIVE TV announced!
[1:08] Dana White on stage (President of UFC)..
[1:08] Live UFC fights on Xbox, with HUD display of stats and achievements for watching fights
[1:10] "From now on, everything we show you is Xbox-exclusive"
[1:10] [Gears 3 trailer, followed by live demo played by Ice-T]
[1:15] Epic leviathan battle. Happy they shot out its eyes.. they looked unpolished and now they're a nice gory mess.
[1:17] Ooh, Crytek logo; always exciting
[1:19] Whaa? Kinect FPS swordplay in early Rome? Sweet!
[1:19] Game title: "Ryse"
[1:20] Halo time...
[1:21] Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Updated version of the classic for Xbox LIVE.
[1:21] Forza 4. Delicious. Makes reality look low-res in comparison.
[1:22] Forza 4: 16-player multiplayer; voice control; head movement recognition (looking around within the car). Awesome.
[1:23] Fable: The Journey announced.
[1:26] Fable: Again with the Kinect.. "Driving" the horse-drawn carriage without controllers, shooting magic awesomeness from hands. The instruction manuals for these games just got biblical.
[1:29] Minecraft. On Xbox. With Kinect. Interesting.
[1:30] Hang out at DisneyLand using Kinect. Family vacations just got a lot cheaper.
[1:32] Scratch that. It's better than DisneyLand. The rides look more immersive.
[1:33] Kinect Star Wars. This is the title that's going to sell the platform.
[1:35] Lightsaber battles look tiring all of a sudden. #stillawesome
[1:38] Sesame Street titles incoming. Still waiting for the part where the player gets involved.
[1:40] Sesame Street's Once Upon a Monster Time, 6 word review: "Simon Says" with cooler looking friends.
[1:42] Kinect Fun Labs: the place to check out upcoming Kinect innovations. New permanent addition to Xbox dashboard.
[1:43] KinectMe: fun lab creation that gets your avatar looking like you. Recognizes hair, nose, eyes, mouth, clothing.
[1:45] Kinect finger tracking: drawing (burning) lines into your screen. Fun!
[1:46] Why are we amazed that the line is in 3D? That's the least innovative thing about the Kinect, no?
[1:48] Hrm.. the ability to scan 3D objects into Kinect. This could get ugly.
[1:49] Skiing, golf, darts, tennis, football: Kinect Sports season 2. Have we seen this before somewhere?
[1:51] Kinect solves the menu problem over and over again with voice recognition. #silverbullet
[1:53] Dance Central 2. All songs from the original can be imported in. Again, haven't we seen this before?
[1:54] Ok, so it has simulatenous two-player multiplayer. That was sorely lacking in the first.
[1:55] Don Mattrick comes back to remind us that there's still business involved in this conference...
[1:58] New Halo trilogy coming. Halo 4 due out for the 2012 holidays.
[2:00] Conference ends on that non-bombshell.