[8:15] Sony decides to arrive "fashionably late" to its own conference.
[8:18] Short clips of various games shown.. can't pick apart anything particularly new. Some of it is in 3D.
[8:20] Jack Tretton talks about the PSN outage.
[8:24] ..thanks everybody for their continuing support of the platform. They claim 90% of the pre-outage load is back.
[8:25] Added connectivity with CinemaNOW
[8:27] Uncharted 3 live demo; on a boat with very nice weather effects, waving of the deck and debalancing of the player, swinging chandeliers.
[8:29] Sweet new covert kills, including whipping a guy around a wall and smacking him head-first into it.
[8:31] Flooding of the ship with the best water particle effects I've yet to see in a video game!
[8:33] Action continues under water, again with awesome visuals.
[8:34] Interesting marketing.. full multiplayer experience available through Subway restaurants.
[8:36] Trailer plays like a movie trailer, as you'd expect. And the game's in 3D -- gorgeous.
[8:37] Resistance 3 live demo. Again, in 3D.
[8:41] Those were monsters on one heck of a frightening scale.
[8:42] God of War comes remastered in HD/3D;  same with ico/Shadow of the Colossus.
[8:43] Now over 100 titles in 3D. I'm sensing a theme here.
[8:44] PlayStation-branded HD display (TV). Also has a feature that shows two different images to two different players using the 3D glasses. No more split screen! -- for $499 USD incl. a pair of glasses.
[8:44] Also offering affordable 3D glasses for $70 USD.
[8:46] PS Move support in NBA 2K12
[8:48] Wii-like pointing at the screen for pass target or defensive move.
[8:51] NBA 2K12 gets an endorsement from Kobe Bryant, who plays it on stage.
[8:52] Medieval Moves: Deadmen's Quest -- fantasy adventure using PSMove.
[8:54] Mechanics to switch weaponry automatically, based on movement type.
[8:58] Infamous 2 trailer; game launching tomorrow.
[9:00] Graphics and gameplay much improved on this one, esp. the mix of explosions and powers. Will support PSMove.
[9:00] New features coming to LBP2, notably including support for PSMove.
[9:02] Trailer for Starhawk, new third-person space-age multiplayer-slanted shooter game also featuring PSMove support.
[9:03] Ditto for a new Sly Cooper.
[9:07] Dust514 trailer -- MMOFPS set within the EVE universe. Exclusive to PlayStation.
[9:09] New BioShock!!! This one is not set under the sea, from the looks of it. Instead, it's in some sort of amusement park.
[9:12] Ken Levine talks about how he was eventually sold on the idea of the PS Move, which will be supported in BioShock Infinite, although they're not sure how that will come together yet.
[9:13] BioShock will also come, in some form, on the NGP.
[9:15] PS-Exclusive game mode in Saints Row 3.
[9:15] New Star Trek co-op action adventure coming, fully compatible with PSMove. Controller to also come in a "phaser"-type format. *nerdgasm*
[9:16] Pre-alpha footage of ST game shown. Character models look like Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.
[9:18] SSX on PS3 features extra slopes from Mt. Fuji.
[9:18] Need for Speed: The Run has 7 additional supercars only on PS3.
[9:19] Battlefield 3 -- PS3 version adds Battlefield 1943 on the disk for free.
[9:22] PlayStation Suite invading a (android) tablet near you.
[9:23] NGP now officially named PlayStation Vita (PSVita). Purports to blend entertainment and life (sharing / social gaming). Hash dual analog sticks, multi-touch screen, backtouch panel, gyroscopic motion sensors, front and rear cameras, wi-fi and 3G/wi-fi models.
[9:25] Partnering with AT&T in the US as the exclusive [mixed to negative reaction from crowd].
[9:26] "Party" feature allows players in the same game room to chat verbally, regardless of what they're  playing.
[9:27] "near" feature powers the 'connected' feature. Unveiling more about it at a later time.
[9:29] Demo of Uncharted: Golden Abyss on PSVita.
[9:30] Not quite as crisp, but incredible visuals match the PS3 experience!
[9:31] Mix of analog stick, SIXAXIS and touchscreen controls. Not locked in to using all of those. Jump using X or the tap the ledge on the touch screen, or shove the whole handheld to the side. Using the touchscreen highlights 'action' points.
[9:33] Sound seems pretty damn good.
[9:35] RUIN on PSVita: RPG with deep advancement and many character classes. New combat engine with "dynamic battlefield". Destroy both monsters and the environment. Other players are rivals; players can attack the lairs of rivals to gain more power, loot and experience -- connectivity to other players therefore shapes the game.
[9:38] RUIN can save progress in the cloud, and pick up the gameplay on the PS3 version.
[9:39] This "saving to the cloud" feature is not exclusive to RUIN. ModNation Racers can do the same.
[9:39] ModNation Racers on PSVita is not a port -- it's recreated to take advantage of the new gameplay features. Use the touchscreen to draw out tracks; backtouch panel allows multiple touch points to grow mountains; dig holes using the front panels. Racing then uses the two analog sticks as usual.
[9:43] ModNation Vita has access to all the uploaded customizations of the PS3 community.
[9:45] LittleBigPlanet on PSVita!
[9:48] StreetFighter X Tekken on PSVita!?!? Epic.
[9:50] Cole from InFamous to join in on that action.
[9:53] 80+ titles in development for PSVita. [queue video roll]
[9:56] PSVita hits stores for the 2011 holidays. Wi-Fi is $249 USD; 3G is $299 USD.
[9:59] Conference concludes with another video roll.