[3:XX] (implicit unveiling of the previously announced Origin distribution site/platform)
[3:32] Mass Effect 3 trailer and demo.
[3:35] 90% cutscenes, 10% shooting aimlessly at some ginormous robot. Really nice, but Fun?
[3:37] Yet another trailer for Mass Effect. Looks fantastic. I'd go see that movie. Wait what?
[3:39] Need for Speed: The Run. Capitalizing on this "Autolog" idea some more. Darker, more "underground" look; features cop chases from the looks of it; map looks like Cruisin' USA, with a race from San Francisco to NYC.
[3:42] Huh. You actually get out of your car and play an action sequence. That's new for NFS...
[3:43] Looks like it's going to be more on the arcade side again. It looks like playing NFS: Hot Pursuit at night, with a story and cutscenes.
[3:46] Star Wars: The Old Republic. :D
[3:48] Wow. Only a trailer shown, but that's as close as we're ever going to get to living in the Star Wars universe. *drool* See it for yourself at origin.com.
[3:51] Hard to follow such an epic game, but this extreme snowboarding title (SSX) never had a chance.
[3:53] They'll use geospatial data to allow players to snowboard any slope in the world. That's kinda neat.
[3:55] FIFA 2012. New "tactical defending", precision dribbling, and "player impact engine" all contribute to making the game more dynamic and more realistic.
[3:58] ...followed by a long video of how everybody loves it...
[3:59] FIFA Football club: rewards and achievements shared across all titles and social media. Follows in the footsteps of NFS's Autolog to provide exactly the same functionality to FIFA.
[4:01] Madden NFL 12: Awkward footballers Ray Lewis, Payton Hillis, Clay Matthews on stage to present the game
[4:07] The Sims social. Because your Facebook page didn't have enough FarmVille spam.
[4:10] Reckoning: Open-world RPG that looks like a fantasy world imagined by Disney... until you get to the pile of corpses. The trailer looks awesome -- nothing shown for gameplay :(
[4:13] Insomniac expands to Xbox with first cross-platform game: Overstrike.
[4:13] Overstrike: a mercenary, a thief, a scientist and a detective get together to save the world using the fringe-science weaponry that Insomniac loves to come up with.
[4:14] ..and they've kept their light-hearted humour too!
[4:17] Battlefield 3: New game using Frostbite2, the same engine as NFS: The Run??
[4:19] Another trailer shown battling in central Paris and lasts less than 20 seconds. Want.
[4:20] No subscription for online play. Open beta in September, launch end of October 2011.
[4:21] That's better. Now the real demo starts.
[4:29] Awesome first person tank simulator, but is that all that's new about it? Really does look fantastic though.
[4:30] EA conference concludes.