[5:30] Ubisoft celebrating 25th year. I'll pretend the lame joke didn't happen.
[5:33] Rayman Origins. This reminds me of a game I played on the SNES once upon a time...
[5:36] Signs a series is dying from lack of ideas: Rayman avoids falling Tetris blocks and large pits of lava. But it's 4 player co-op.
[5:38] Still waiting for something fun to happen.. This was not the right way to get an audience going, first thing after lunch on a hot day.
[5:41] Mr. Caffeine is really excited about the 90's. Not sure what to think about that.
[5:43] "Gaming is Adventure. Gaming is Sharing. Gaming is Life."
[5:45] Finally, the talking stops. Driver: San Francisco trailer.
[5:48] Driver -- singleplayer and multiplayer both shown on the floor this year.
[5:49] Far Cry 3 live demo. Looks about the same as Far Cry 2 from where I'm sitting.
[5:53] Scratch that, the kills have definitely improved in detail.
[5:55] Coming 2012 and shown on the floor. Nicely unexpected.
[5:57] Meet "the furious four".. another WWII game from the looks of it.
[5:59] Brothers in Arms: The Furious Four. It's Team Fortress gone back in time to WWII. We're still on the fence about it.
[6:00] Tintin, the video game. They better not screw up my childhood hero.
[6:01] Hrm.. Looks like the Epic Mickey feel, with characters that all have a French nose. I'll allow it.
[6:04] Second look at the new Ghost Recon today. Live demo without the Kinect spin this time.
[6:06] Cool semi-invisible camo feature brings the stealh element back into this franchise.
[6:07] 4 player co-op!
[6:08] Feels like less of a ghost town all the time, now that there are lots of civilians running panicked.
[6:10] Really smooth cover mechanics and "synchronized kills"
[6:14] Ghost Recon Online for PC -- free to play. Carry your achievements from one game to the other.
[6:18] Trackmania 2 trailer. Debuts in September.
[6:20] ManiaPlanet is the sharing platform for the three *mania titles.
[6:21] Rabbids are getting Kinect integration. "Alive and Kicking" is the new title.
[6:24] -- Odd set of party games that have very little to do with the other titles in the series.
[6:26] Just Dance 3 announced. Works with Wii, Kinect, PSMove.
[6:29] Rocksmith announced as an "authentic guitar game".
[6:31] Uses real (electric?) guitars, plugged into the game. It acts as an amp, but helps you learn guitar instead of pushing random buttons at timed intervals.
[6:33] Your Shape gets a new title in the fall. The trailer shows nothing useful.
[6:34] It's finally Assassin's Creed time!
[6:34] Assassin's Creed: Revelations revealed! (pun half-intended)
[6:35] Ezio's final chapter. Fantastic looking trailer. This is apparently where Ezio finally meets the Assassins.
[6:39] Live demo, Ezio is in Constantinople. And has a grey beard, no less.
[6:43] Wow, this Ezio is bad ass. Blowing up stuff like never before in the series.
[6:44] He's also learned how to use a zip line.
[6:46] Ships in November.
[6:46] Conference ends. Apparently Ubisoft loves me.