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Ticked off at Mass Effect 3's Ending?

By Naomi Brown ()

So for American players of Mass Effect 3 who are P'ed off at the (some say) less than satisfying ending, there may be action you can still take. File a complaint with the FTC! Or the Better Business Bureau! Read More.

Bioshock Infinite Release Date Announced

By Naomi Brown ()

Bioshock blasted onto the gaming sceen with some of the creepiest little girls ever to grace a gaming console. Pair that with a screwed up version of one man's 'utopian' society, cool retro style weapons and secret tonics and you've created a succesful game.  Bioshock spawned a sequel that featured badder enemies and familiar environs, but gamers just weren't completly satisfied. Read More.

Silent Hill HD Delayed...Again

By Naomi Brown ()

So while Silent Hill Downpour is still on track for March 13, Silent Hill HD has been pushed all the way back to March 20.

Not a huge pushback when you think about it but it's a little strange. I mean, after all, Pyramid Head is just dying for you to come visit him. Read More.

Klei Entertainment Announces Mark of the Ninja

By Naomi Brown ()

Indie studio Klei Entertainment, the developers that brought Shank and Shank 2 have set their sights on a brand new adventure for gamers, called Mark of the Ninja.  In it, you play a ninja in the grand old style of choose your own adventure text stories and.... Read More.

Final Fantasy Creator's Wii Game on the Way

By Naomi Brown ()

So for those Final Fantasy fans out there who've been paying attention, creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has a Wii RPG called The Last Story   that's been making waves in Japan and that's due to be released in Europe this week.  It seemed like it wasn't going to get a North American release, but Nintendo has announced that it will make it's way here as well. Read More.

Nintendo Posts Annual Loss

By Naomi Brown ()

Nintendo was forced to post an annual loss of $623 million for the end of 2011, and also lowerd it's projections for the next fiscal year stating that they now believe they will have a $837 million dollar loss instead of $258. Read More.

BlizzConn 2012 Cancelled!

By Naomi Brown ()

Blizzard has decided that for the first time since they started holding the annual conference, BlizzCon will be a no-go for the year. It's been postponed, they say, until 2013.  Read More.

The Darkness 2 Pre-Orders Get Free Upgrade

By Naomi Brown ()

For those pre-ordering the Darkness 2 on Steam 2K is offering a free upgrade to the Limited Edition.  I'm sure some of you are asking, what does the Limited Edition do for me? Well, kids, the Limited Edition gets you tons of goodies like a new Darkling outfit and in game Character Ability upgrades.  Read More.

Resident Evil....6! (Insert Creepy Voice)

By Naomi Brown ()

So when companies are working on big important secret projects, they usually like them to stay secret, right? So when someone connected to the project lets information slip in advance, you can bet that the news is gonna spread fast. And the person who let the secret out will really have to hope they can keep that new job that they just blabbed about. Read More.

Any Red Headed Sirens Out There?

By Naomi Brown ()

So Borderlands 2 is absolutely in development, which is good news for those who enjoyed the original (with it's guns, guns, and more electrifying, corrosive, flaming, EXPLOSIVE guns).  Apparently though, Gearbox is at least one character short. Read More.

Skyrim Patch is Patchy

By Naomi Brown ()

Apparently the first patch for Skyrim is creating more problems for players than it's fixing, making the game experience difficult for many players. 

Resistances are just flat out refusing to work for many players, meaning that regardless of what items or equipment you have that's 'supposed' to help, it doesn't make a difference. Read More.

Silent Hill to Deluge Gamers in Early 2012

By Naomi Brown ()

Silent Hill fans will get more than their fill in early 2012 when 3 different releases hit for the franchise.  Silent Hill HD, originally slated for Fall 2011 will release January 24.  It will include Silent Hill 2 and 3.  Why they didn't include 1, I don't know. My heart bleeds. Read More.