So for those Final Fantasy fans out there who've been paying attention, creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has a Wii RPG called The Last Story   that's been making waves in Japan and that's due to be released in Europe this week.  It seemed like it wasn't going to get a North American release, but Nintendo has announced that it will make it's way here as well.

Partnering with Xseed Games in California, they plan on localizing the game for a possible summer release on North American shores.  This is likely due in large part to 'Operation Rainfall', the fan based campagin to persuade Nintendo to localize a few of it's RPG's, The Last Story being one of them. 

Congrats to all wishers, dreamers and Operation Rainfallers out there. King Mario has heard your cries and laments, oh ye peasants, and has decided to answer your prayers.