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Team Fortress 2 Gets Horde Mode

By Christopher Seal ()

Some exciting news from Valve! After giving several hints in the past little while, on August 15th an update for the free-to-play Team Fortress 2 will hit steam, introducing a new game mode: Horde.   Read More.

DOTA 2 Announced As Free-to-Play Title

By Christopher Seal ()

What might be considered as not much of a surprise, Valve announced that DOTA 2, their current MOBA game in development will in fact be free-to-play.

The game will be supported through an in-game store which will allow users to purchase comestic items for their characters. Read More.

Humble Indie Bundle V Now Available

By Christopher Seal ()

Now it's not often I say there's a must buy when it comes to video games, but in the case of the Humble Indie Bundle V, stop reading this, and go buy it now.

The Humble Bundles have been around for a while now, and this may well be the best bunch of games they've offered to date. Read More.

OnLive Finally Coming to the UK

By Christopher Seal ()

The cloud computing game service, OnLive, which has been available here in North America for some time is finally coming to our neighbors across the Atlantic.

OnLive will launch in the UK at the opening of the Eurogamer Expo which is held on September 22. Read More.

Nintendo 3DS To Support Netflix

By Christopher Seal ()

Well this is pretty cool. Owners of the 3DS will be able to stream content from Netflix on their handhelds. Currently only '2D' shows are available, but there are plans to add an extra dimension in time. Read More.

Drama in the Gaming World

By Christopher Seal ()

I personally find this type of juicy drama extremely interesting.

Team Bondi, once thought to be a possible 'Rockstar Australia', has apparently had a pretty harsh fallout with the big boys over at Rockstar. Apparently the issue stems from some leaked emails condeming changes and influences that Rockstar had over the creation of the wildly success L. Read More.