I personally find this type of juicy drama extremely interesting.

Team Bondi, once thought to be a possible 'Rockstar Australia', has apparently had a pretty harsh fallout with the big boys over at Rockstar. Apparently the issue stems from some leaked emails condeming changes and influences that Rockstar had over the creation of the wildly success L.A. Noire.

The issues arising seems to be that Team Bondi implemented an extremely harsh work environment for its employs, made some less than sounds decisions in terms of development (according to Rockstar) and according to emails from high level developers at Bondi, limited their creative vision.

Some might argue that when Rockstar gives you advice on a game, you might want to listen and not be too judgmental. Sources from within also state that Rockstar saved Team Bondi from going bankrupt several times over the multiyear development of L.A. Noire.

Suffice to say these two companies likely won't be working together in the future and Rockstar has already stated they will not be releasing Team Bondi's next game.

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