Now it's not often I say there's a must buy when it comes to video games, but in the case of the Humble Indie Bundle V, stop reading this, and go buy it now.

The Humble Bundles have been around for a while now, and this may well be the best bunch of games they've offered to date. If you're unfamiliar with how the Humble Bundle works, it's simple. You choose how much you want to donate to charity, the developer and the Bundle team, and then you get great games.

This Bundle's games include the amazing Limbo, the must play Bastion, the terrifying game Amnesia, the hit iPhone game turned PC game Sword & Sworcery and finally the popular Psychonauts.

Even if you already own the games, buy it for a friend and support charity! The package also includes the soundtrack for each game, which means you get the incredible music from Bastion which is alone worth it.

As of now, you have 13 days left to grab yours before it's gone, and, well, you'd be foolish to miss out!

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