WWE Legends of WrestleMania (PS3)


THQ Superstar Challenge Recap

By Shawn Snider ()

It's become a yearly tradition among the WrestleMania weekend festivities. For an evening, the WWE talent takes a night off from beating each other senseless, and instead heads to a virtual ring where they'll face a familiar challenge, without the bruises. Read More.

Roster of Legendary Superstars and Managers Announced for Upcoming WWE Legends of WrestleMania

By News Staff ()

THQ and JAKKS Pacific announced the official roster for WWE Legends of WrestleMania, the new videogame property based on World Wrestling Entertainment. Featuring more than 40 legendary Superstars and managers, along with arcade style gameplay and historic, vintage presentation, WWE Legends of WrestleMania is scheduled for release on March 24, 2009 as a precursor to WrestleMania 25, which takes place on April 5th in Houston, Texas. Read More.