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Fable: The Journey Review (X360)

By Michael Joly () - 4.0 out of 10

Microsoft debut the Kinect back in 2010. Ever since, they've has been trying to prove to gamers that the Kinect isn’t just for kids and casual gamers. They haven’t been doing a great job of it. Most of the Kinect support for “hardcore” games has just been simple voice commands, some are a little more in depth than that, but not by much. So Microsoft needs to put out something to grab their core audience. Enter Fable: The Journey.
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Forza Horizon Review (X360)

By Michael Joly () - 9.5 out of 10

Forza is a game series that has had a very long standing and a very dedicated fan base. Typical Forza games focused around standard track racing. Horizon has changed things up a great deal from the standard formula. Welcome to the Horizon festival, a celebration of cars, music and culture. Read More.

Dishonored Review (PS3)

By Michael Joly () - 9.0 out of 10

New intellectual properties have a hard time towards the end of console life cycles, most of them just slip under the radar. It's pretty well known, by now, that the end of this console generation is coming. Most of the games on the shelf are just entries in long standing franchises right now. Read More.

Pokemon Conquest Review (DS)

By Michael Joly () - 7.5 out of 10

In short, Pokemon Conquest is basically Pokemon meets Final Fantasy Tactics. If that's good enough for you then you can stop reading here, go to the store, and buy the game, because that sounds pretty awesome. Read More.

Brave: The Video Game Review (X360)

By Michael Joly () - 7.0 out of 10

It's no secret really, publishers and developers release games based off of new movie franchises to cash in on the success (or potential success) of the film(s). They've been doing it for years. Just because it's a cash in, though, doesn't mean that it's necessarily a bad game, just most of the time. Read More.

Street Fighter X Tekken Review (X360)

By Michael Joly () - 9.0 out of 10

Giants collided this year when Capcom and Namco announced a joint venture to combine their two major fighting game franchises, Tekken and Street Fighter. Capcom is no stranger to the crossover versus fighter so the first of the Namco/Capcom games (developed by Capcom) promises to be. Read More.

Resident Evil Revelations Review (3DS)

By Michael Joly () - 9.0 out of 10

Resident Evil Revelations is the first of three full Resident Evil games to be released this year, and Capcom is really starting out strong. Notably, it's a classic survival horror Resident Evil game, except this one's on a handheld. The game features tight corridors, low ammo counts, and general tension. Read More.

Xotic Review (X360)

By Michael Joly () - 6.5 out of 10

Xotic is a new first person shooter that boasts quite a twist.

You plan as an alien race with an symbiotic bond with an insect like creature (which happens to be your gun) and your job is to purge planets of a virus like infection. The basis for the game is relatively simple, you run, you shoot and then you collect points. Read More.

Boulder Dash XL Review (X360)

By Michael Joly () - 7.0 out of 10

Boulder Dash XL is an Xbox Live Arcade title. The original game was available on many different consoles including the NES, Atari, and Arcade Cabinet. The objective of XL is exactly the same as the original: run through a maze of boulders, dirt (or snow, or foliage), and diamonds. Read More.