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E3 2012: Highlights from the EA Press Conference

By Andrew Sztein ()

As I'm typing this, I'm sitting in the historic Orpheum theatre, waiting for the newly christened "worst company in America" to begin their press conference. I don't know exactly what history took place in this theatre, but it sure seems rustic and historic. I also don't know what EA did exactly to be named the worst company in America over such contenders like Haliburton, Wal-Mart, or the Bank of America. Read More.

E3 2012: Highlights from the Microsoft Press Conference

By Andrew Sztein ()

You'll forgive us if we were feeling a little green walking into the Galen Centre first thing in the morning on June 4th. No, we weren't in fact jealous of anyone or feeling ill that morning, but rather, the green lighting scheme that dominated the entire Arena definitely got us into the Xbox mood. Read More.

Xbox Live Arcade NEXT In Full Swing

By Andrew Sztein ()

Our friends at Microsoft must be very excited, because a week into their Xbox Live Arcade NEXT program is continuing with a quadruplet of exciting games for the Xbox Live platform, including the sequel to the aewsome Trials HD, Fable Heroes, Minecraft, and today's release of Bloodforge. Read More.

What is more popular? Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3?

By Andrew Sztein ()

I got a really interesting email in my inbox this morning from our friends at Raptr, a service that tracks game playtime and popularity. By tracking playtime, they do a great job of measuring a game's longevity, which can be a much more useful indicator of a game's shelf life as opposed to how many copies it sold in its first month. Read More.

Konami announces limited edition Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

By Andrew Sztein ()

Our friends at Konami have passed us this little tidbit outlining what gamers can expect from the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition. If you're any sort of Metal Gear fan, you'll want to get your hands on this one as soon as it comes out. I can attest from my fruitless search for Metal Gear Solid 3's limited edition, that these ones are truly limited and are generally filled with goodies. Read More.

Crytek developing Homefront 2

By Andrew Sztein ()

Let's not mince words here, THQ's Homefront was something of a disapointment, especially after we crowned it the best game of E3 in 2010. Not that it was BAD per se, it was just lacking that certain spark that turns a good game into a great one. The campaign was short, filled with visual glitches and mediocre AI, had little to offer between linear shooting galleries. Read More.

NHL 2K series likely retired

By Andrew Sztein ()

2K Sports has officially announced that NHL 2K12 will not be published on any console next year, according to Kotaku. The venerable series got its start on the Dreamcast with NHL 2K, gave EA a run for its money in the past generation with 2K4-7, and was quickly crushed this generation by EA's skill stick enabled Xbox 360 and PS3 hockey titles. Read More.

PlayStation Network's return doesn't allow online play for all games

By Andrew Sztein ()

If you're like many of the staffers here at GE, you embraced the news of the return of online services for the PlayStation Network. However, the PlayStation store remains MIA, which means that many new games still can't be played online until the security issues with the store get sorted out, which could be as much for another two weeks. Read More.

Inventor of video game cartridges dead at 70

By Andrew Sztein ()

You may not know the name Jerry Lawson, but if you've ever put a game cartridge into a video game console, you owe him a debt.

The man who originally designed the system for placing and removing software cartridges, Jerry Lawson, has sadly passed away of a heart attack and complications from diabetes at the age of 70. Read More.

Does Duke Nukem Forever encourage violence against women?

By Andrew Sztein ()

The Duke Nukem series has always been a touch mysoginistic, what with the strippers, scandidly clad women, and the ability to splatter said strippers. It was never really encouraged per se, but having the ability to do so certainly got feminists and parents up in a tizzy about the series violent content. Read More.