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Vampire Rain Review (X360)

By Avi Krebs () - 3.8 out of 10

Every so often, a game comes along and based solely on its concept is able to generate some hype. Vampire Rain is one of those titles that very well may have piqued the interest of gamers by providing an interesting twist to the somewhat stale genre of stealth-action games. Read More.

Carol Vorderman's Sudoku Review (PSP)

By Avi Krebs () - 7.5 out of 10

It's happened again. Another Sudoku game has made the transition from your daily newspaper into the world of video games. There is no shortage of comparable options out there but Eidos Interactive has brought out some serious artillery to back its game. That artillery goes by the name of Carol Vorderman; she's not only a Sudoku master, but she gets behind a very solid title that provides a bevy of over a million puzzles to solve, interesting gameplay selections and some helpful tutorial videos that could prove very useful in aiding you in your quest to knock Carol off her throne as the Sudoku master. Read More.

Art of Fighting Anthology Review (PS2)

By Avi Krebs () - 6.0 out of 10

I've been a fan of fighting games for longer then I can remember, so you can imagine the excitement to be had when I got a chance to pick up and play not just one, but all three of the Art of Fighting games in one nice little package. After playing through this disc rather vigorously I came to the conclusion that each AoF game is indeed a near identical copy to the ones that I played in the arcades over ten years ago. Read More.

MLB '07: The Show Review (PS2)

By Avi Krebs () - 8.3 out of 10

At first glance MLB 07 the Show looks nearly identical to last year's edition, a trend that seems to plague many sports franchises after many outings. A few new gameplay tweaks and an innovative new Road to the Show career mode are the most noticeable additions to this year's offering. Read More.

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007 Review (PC)

By Avi Krebs () - 7.7 out of 10

After playing this game for the first time, you might find yourself mumbling under your breath something along the lines of "no more menus please". Rest assured that this is normal whether you say it after a few days, a few hours, or just a few minutes of playing WSM2007. Read More.