The Sims 3 (PC)


EA Officially Confirms Sims 3 Seasons

By Naomi Brown ()

During the annual Summer Showcase, EA has confirmed that it's bringing back a popular expansion from the Sims 2 into the Sims 3: Seasons. With this expansion of course comes the changing of the seasons over your neighborhoods, along with tons of season activities for your pixelated folks to enjoy. Read More.

Sims 3 Goes Supernatural

By Naomi Brown ()

Starting with Making Magic, most players of The Sims have been familiar with the supernatural element being introduced into their game play. For many, it is a hotly anticipated addition to the main game.  Sims 3 had already introduced a supernatural element into the game with the unicorns in Pets, vampires in Late Night and the Genie in Showtime. Read More.

EA Reveals The Sims 3 World Adventures

By News Staff ()

The Sims are off on an adventure to famous destinations around the world. The EA Play Label of Electronic Arts announced that The Sims 3 World Adventures, the first expansion pack to the PC and Mac The Sims 3, is in development and will ship to retailers worldwide the week of November 16, 2009. Read More.

The Sims 3 Goes Gold

By News Staff ()

The EA Sims Studio is pleased to announce that The Sims 3 has gone gold for the PC and Mac, is off to manufacturing and will street in 60 countries June 2, 2009. Read More.

Sims Come to Life in The Sims 3 With or Without Your Help

By News Staff ()

In The Sims 3, Sims won’t need you to hold their hand every time they need to use the toilet. They are now able to take care of their basic needs on their own, leaving you to focus on more important things: building relationships, expanding your career opportunities and exploring the world around you. Read More.

EA Announces New Ship Date for the Sims 3

By News Staff ()

Electronic Arts announced that The Sims 3, the flagship game from The Sims franchise, will launch across the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and mobile devices summer 2009. The Sims 3 PC will ship to store shelves worldwide starting June 2, 2009. Read More.