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Wii Mini Coming in Two Weeks?

By Matthew Pollesel ()

Nintendo will be launching a new version of the Wii in less than two weeks, if Best Buy Canada's homepage is any indication.

Dubbed the Wii Mini (Minii?), the newest version of the console will apparently be released December 7th, though no pricing information is available at this time. Read More.

PlayStation Plus Hitting Vita Next Week

By Matthew Pollesel ()

Sony promised back in September that PlayStation Vita owners would be getting PlayStation Plus starting at some point in November. Today they revealed the details, including the six free games that will be offered free as part of its Instant Game Collection. Read More.

New Uncharted On The Way?

By Matthew Pollesel ()

You can probably file this one under "Not quite news, yet", but: the Australian Classification board has rated a new entry in the Uncharted series.

There's not a whole lot of concrete details to go on yet, but from the application, we know that Sony submitted a game called Uncharted: Fight For Fortune, and that it was classified on Monday of this week. Read More.

Grand Theft Auto V Coming Spring 2013

By Matthew Pollesel ()

Rockstar Games has revealed that Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to PS3 and Xbox360 in Spring 2013.

This isn't really shocking news, considering that UK retailer GAME accidentally leaked the launch window early. Still, after nearly a year of speculation on when the game would be getting released and what platforms it would be getting released on, it's probably a relief for many current-gen console owners to learn that they won't need to wait for -- or buy -- a whole new system before the game sees the light of day. Read More.

Borderlands Hitting iOS Devices October 31st

By Matthew Pollesel ()

It was leaked yesterday, and confirmed today: Borderlands will be arriving on iOS devices by the end of the month.

Or, if you want to be precise, a team-based, top-down shooter called Borderlands Legends is hitting iPads, iPhones and iPods on October 31st. It's not quite the Vita version Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford was openly speculating about a little while back, but it's. Read More.

Dokuro Gets Canadian Delay (Updated)

By Matthew Pollesel ()

Canadian PlayStation Vita owners looking forward to getting their (digital) hands on Dokuro following Tuesday's PlayStation Store update were undoubtedly a little disappointed when they went to download the game: it never showed up. Read More.

Sony Launches PlayStation Mobile

By Matthew Pollesel ()

It's taken awhile, but yesterday Sony finally launched PlayStation Mobile for the Vita and other PlayStation-Certified devices.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Jack Buser, Sony's Senior Director for PlayStation Digital Platforms, described PlayStation Mobile as a "platform for tablets and smartphones that offers PlayStation-like experiences on a number of different mobile devices". Read More.

Nintendo Finalizes WiiU Launch List

By Matthew Pollesel ()

With just under two months until their new console launches, Nintendo has detailed the games that will be available for the Wii U on Day One.

If you're picking up the system on November 18th, you'll have your pick on the following games: Read More.

The World Ends With You Coming to iOS

By Matthew Pollesel ()

Square Enix announced yesterday that they're bringing Nintendo DS classic The World Ends With You to iOS

The news -- and release -- comes less than a week after they first launched a countdown site teasing something to do with TWEWY. Thanks to sleuthing by Andriasang/a screw-up by Square Enix themselves late last week, it was known that the announcement would have something to do with iDevices, but it was only yesterday that the company fully released details about the port. Read More.