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Crimson Alliance Review (X360)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 7.2 out of 10

I love downloadable games. Yeah, I said it. Gaming purists seethe at the idea of not running their calloused fingers over the smooth edges of a new disc, smelling the (likely toxic) aroma when the box is first opened or thumbing the pages of the manual like they would a prized jewel. Read More.

Cars 2 Review (X360)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 8.6 out of 10

Racing games are easy to identify. They have cars, some sort of track and generally you drive in circles. Some games allow you to drift and pull fancy manoeuvres while others arm you with weapons and encourage you to blow each other to smithereens. Sometimes they have cool locations, or cool vehicles, or maybe a car customization feature. Read More.

Kirby's Epic Yarn Review (Wii)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 7.9 out of 10

My experience with the Wii console to date has been rather lukewarm. The system has such promise but so few titles that really take advantage of the realities of motion control. Nobody can deny that there are some fantastic games for the system, some of which use the Wiimote and nunchuk to great effect. Read More.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review (Wii)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 8.4 out of 10

The original iteration of Donkey Kong Country was the first game I ever owned. I had been gaming for some time before then, but it was on an NES passed down through three cousins. It made an odd clunk sound when you turned it on. I can remember the Christmas morning when my sister and I unwrapped our brand new Super Nintendo. Read More.

Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Review (Wii)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 6.8 out of 10

I loved Nancy Drew as a little girl. She was sassy, smart, highly motivated with a dreamy boyfriend, a sweet car and two awesome best friends - truthfully, my polar opposite in just about every way possible. I'd go to the library and borrow all the Nancy Drew books and read them as fast as possible and my mother cringed and bought me stronger glasses. Read More.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Review (DS)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 6.4 out of 10

I dig puzzle games. Hell, I'm a gamer, I like all games. But puzzle games are in my heart of hearts.

My first ever handheld video game system was the original Game Boy. It was released eight months after I was born, and I first owned one when I was six. It was second hand (from my cousins), and the battery cover was missing. Read More.

Flock Review (X360)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 6.8 out of 10

You could say I'm a follower. A sheep, if you will. I'll flock to the nearest gathering of friends. Sure, I'm liable to alienate some with my methods, but in the end, it's all about the journey, the herding of my fellow allies and I…alright, fine, I'll stop flocking around. Read More.

LEGO Batman: The Videogame Review (X360)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 5.5 out of 10

I had such high hopes for this game. I really did. I loved Lego Star Wars, in spite of numerous glitches and faults. Lego Indiana Jones was passable, but still decent. Lego Batman? It might as well be their first attempt at a Lego game, instead of their third. Read More.

Mario Kart Wii Review (Wii)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 8.4 out of 10

It's the one game your mother let you play when you were young because any violence was limited to a well-placed banana peel or red shell. Sexuality was Princess Toadstool swathed head-to-toe in pink fabric and a tiara. Swearing? Undoubtedly, it was only heard from your older brother after you beat him on Rainbow Road for the tenth time in a row. Read More.

Godzilla: Unleashed Review (Wii)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 1.4 out of 10

I get it, karma, I've learned my lesson: never just smile and accept whatever assignment I'm offered. Thank you karma, for sending the worst game on the planet my way. To be frank, I don't even know where to start. Read More.

LifeSigns: Surgical Unit Review (DS)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 4.5 out of 10

I love it when a medical game offers you the warning that 'the surgeries preformed in the game are different from ones performed in real life and should not be attempted at home.' To me, it means that the game is so realistic as to merge reality with the gaming world, or, it means that the game is trying to set the bar high and ends up falling far short. Read More.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Review (Wii)

By Isabel Jarvo () - 6.5 out of 10

As a novice Wii enthusiast, I must admit I was afraid to tackle a game as epic as Ubisoft's Rayman Raving Rabbids 2. This was the title being sold as 'the party game' by my friends in the gaming world. I was afraid that my inexperience would be blatantly apparent the second I opened the case. Read More.