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E3 2010: Monster Tale Impressions (DS)

By Isabel Jarvo ()

Coming from the same guys behind the frightfully addictive Henry Hatsworth, Majesco is ready to launch Monster Tale on Nintendo DS.

This side-scroller follows a girl named Ellie who arrives on Monster World to discover that a group of brats named the Kid Kings have taken control of the world and the monsters that inhabit it. Read More.

E3 2010: Epic Mickey Impressions (Wii)

By Isabel Jarvo ()

It isn't often that a game based on a children's cartoon grabs much attention. Sure, there are superhero games aplenty, but superheroes and comic books are manly and cool. Children's cartoons and games based on the likes of them are often considered a serious faux-pas in the Super ! Read More.

E3 2008: This is Vegas Preview (PS3)

By Isabel Jarvo ()

For those of you who love to game and gamble, but hate to fly, Midway has a solution; The up-and-coming This Is Vegas.

The object of the game is to build up your reputation within Las Vegas by performing various tasks around town. Your rival is the industrious Preston Boyer, a kind of Donald-Trump-meets-Martha-Stewart entrepreneur who wants to turn Vegas into a family friendly kind of place, and you're out to stop him in a sandbox-style replication of Las Vegas. Read More.

E3 2008: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Preview (X360)

By Isabel Jarvo ()

If you find yourself easily captivated by puzzles and bright colors, D3's Puzzle Quest Galactrix might just be the game for you.

In this so-called 'cousin' of the original title, Galactrix combines an RPG battle with a color based puzzle board to surprising success. Read More.