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Xbox One X Review

By Daniel Acaba ()

It really boils down to this: Do you have a 4k television? If so, you should buy this console. Unless you just cannot afford the price tag this improves every aspect of your gaming experience. Games will look prettier, run better and have some features you might miss out on. If you don’t have a 4k television, carefully consider if the loading improvements and helpful tweaks are good enough for you. Previously I didn’t think it would be but after spending hours with it, the boon is good enough that I’d happily buy another. Read More.

XCOM: Nerds to the Rescue - Part Two

By Daniel Acaba ()

So not only did we perform awesomely but apparently the hottie scientist, Dr. Vahlen, can use the stuff we’re gathering in the field to research upgrades. First things first, we’re going to start researching elements that will lead to getting better defenses for the troops since Chris took a bullet and has been sidelined since that first fight. Read More.

XCOM: Nerds to the Rescue - Part One

By Daniel Acaba ()

Strange craft have been sighted in the North American airspace. These Unidentified Flying Objects have thrown the upper brass of both the United States and Canada into a fit. As such they've come together to present their issues to the worldwide community, bringing news of these potential aliens with them. Read More.

GamingExcellence Gets the Lowdown on Darksiders II

By Daniel Acaba ()

At the THQ Darksiders event this week we were lucky to get our hands on a demo of the game. But some of us there were lucky enough to harass and / or blackmail the staff at THQ and Vigil Games into giving us an interview. To that end we chatted with Simon Watts, Global Communications Manager at THQ, and Ryan Stefanelli, Producer on Darksiders II. Read More.

PlayStation Vita Review

By Daniel Acaba ()

This is it boys and girls, the new Playstation handheld device is hitting the market! With Sony having hopefully learned from their previous endeavor there is honestly no reason that this venture shouldn't be a huge success. We're looking at stronger hardware, a better release day lineup and a console that fully embraces online network so we should have a winner right? Read More.

Xbox Kinect Review

By Daniel Acaba ()

Nobody ever said pioneering a new type of controller would be an easy thing. Go ask the guys at Nintendo about how unresponsive the Wii could be if not used precisely enough for a particular game. Or we could ask Sony about those barely function Sixaxis controls that are almost never used in any games except when shoehorned in poorly. Read More.

E3 2010: PlayStation Move Preview

By Daniel Acaba ()

Last year both Project Natal and PlayStation Move were announced, ensuring that all modern consoles would have some form of arm flailing involved. Back then Natal, now unfortunately named Kinect, looked more promising as the potential of full body interaction beats out flailing those two remotes any day of the week. Read More.